Red Raider Resale Volunteers Mean Business
Pictured above are Red Raider Resale volunteers Sierra Boyd, Jen Fuller, and Maggie McCallie.
(Not pictured, Jacquell Gartman)

In considering the Red Raider Resale operations for used uniforms, there’s more than meets the eye. Much more. Behind the shop front, an enormous amount of effort and hours has been poured into keeping the resale store running, entirely put together by volunteers.

The volunteer commitment of the Red Raider Resale chair and co-chairs during a typical school year involve at least five to seven hours of time in the Parry Center on the first Monday of the month when the regular sales take place.  A core volunteer team provides an additional three to four hours each month of the school year.  Things heat up in the summer prepping for orientation for new families as well as returning families.  In the weeks leading up to the start of school, it becomes a part-time job for the chair and co-chair, and an additional average of ten hours of time for their volunteer team.  That’s not including the administrative work leading up to sales, coordinating sale dates with the school calendar, and managing a subset of volunteers. 

In the past two decades, Baylor's used uniform sales have grown from a storage room in the basement of the student center that used to house the campus bookstore, to mobile racks that were hauled out and set up in the Student Center at various times of the year, to bins and racks in the rehearsal space in Roddy, and finally to its permanent retail operation at the Perry Center -- a move that was led by former Parent Alliance president Susan Reynolds. 

At the root of the operation’s success is current parent Jen Fuller. As chair for the last three years and four years as a Red Raider resale volunteer prior to that, the shop front has doubled its income, from garnering $15,000 a year to now pulling in over $30,000 a year.  With her leadership and the hard work of her co-chair, Jacquell Gartman, who is also retiring from her volunteer role with used uniforms, the Red Raider Resale is now the primary fundraising source for Baylor’s Parent Alliance, which uses all of the proceeds to benefit the school.   Jen is now co-chairing this year’s Celebrations auction, but plans to help with the transition of leadership as she passes the baton to new Red Raider Resale chairs Sierra Boyd and Maggie McCallie.

Although few people know the many ways in which the Parent Alliance serves the Baylor community, its investments impact many areas on campus including curating student art displays throughout the campus, supporting student activities and residential life, enhancing the tailgate experience for Red Raider fans, and supporting the Community Service grant writing program and holiday party.  “A lot of people do not realize that Red Raider Resale actually funds 100 percent of the services that Parent Alliance provides to our community,” said Jenny Yates Stickley '90, President of Baylor’s Parent Alliance. “Thanks to the countless hours Jen, Jacquel and other parents spend at the store, Parent Alliance is able to make a bigger impact because of the funds we earn from the used uniform sales.”

“When you have a really good idea and want to serve a community well, it takes a team of leaders rather than one person,” agrees Jen.  “There is no way that this would’ve happened without the past chairs who started in bins in the fine arts center. Each person took it and each volunteer chair made it something more, and nothing could’ve been possible without Abby Franklin helping with administrative support, Howard Johnson refurbishing the Parry Center, the support of Baylor trustee Bubba Morgan, and the vision of past Parent Alliance president Susan Reynolds, to name a few.”

Racks of used uniforms are ready for the next
Parent Alliance Red Raider Resale!


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