Latest QuadPod Dives Deep into Spirit Week

In this episode, students highlight the spirit of Spirit Week, not just surrounding the Friday night lights, but the other people and activities that bring our Baylor community together.  You will not only learn more about the spirit that you know and love, but also the spirit that you may not have come to appreciate.

You can listen to it here, or simply search for the Baylor Quadpod online, on Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

  • John Emendorfer '23 and Ethan Wright ’22 ask students around campus what they are most looking forward to during this year's spirit week.  
  • DaCorian Jones-Montgomery '22, a Lupton Hall prefect, sits down with residential life dean Steve Margio '91 to give some history and firsthand insight into the preparation behind the dorm competition known as "skit night."
  • Lizzie Hill '22 talks to some of Baylor’s cheerleaders about where they get their spirit from.
  • Grace Henderson '23 interviews Baylor's new chaplain, Rev. Alex Gallimore, on what spirit means to him.
  • Reese Hullander '23 and Watson Brown '22 feature the story behind the smiles, waves, and the indomitable spirit of Miss Hattie.

This episode is hosted by Brett Cooper '22 and Kye Hamilton '22 and is produced and edited by students in the audio journalism elective at Baylor School taught by Mike Kelly.  

Music for this episode is by the artist known as “bloom” and is for non-profit use only.

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