Back in Baylor's Classrooms, But This Time as Teachers
Jack Studer '01 gets in on the fun with a "Red and Ready" first day of school photo

New faculty members Nick Boehm '98, Jack Studer '01, and Charlie Weeks '17, have returned to Baylor classrooms, but this time their roles are reversed.

Charlie Weeks '17

A graduate of Washington & Lee with a B.S. degree in biochemistry, Weeks said he has always had an interest in teaching, but it took a nudge from his college advisor before he considered academia as a career path. "He could tell that I really wanted to teach and convinced me to give it a go." 

Standing in front of his first-ever class of chemistry students on August 18, Weeks admitted feeling both nervous and nostalgic.  "I felt absolute terror at first, but after my first class, I was very sentimental. There was something about hearing the students vocalize those same thoughts and questions that I had also asked as a Baylor student not so very long ago."   A former day student, he is also getting an inside look at Baylor's residential life program as a Lupton Hall dorm parent.

Jack Studer '01

Graduating from Princeton University with a degree in operations research and financial engineering, Studer previously worked in the fields of finance, mergers and acquisitions, and venture capital before accepting a position to teach Middle School math at Baylor.  "I knew a long time ago, probably while I was a student here, that I wanted to teach. The fact that I get to do it at Baylor is just icing on the cake. People never regret doing something they love.  They do regret missed opportunities or not taking a risk.  Teaching is an opportunity for me to do something I’ve wanted to love doing for a long time."

Studer added that the best part of his first weeks in the classroom at Baylor have been a mix of getting to know his new students and seeing former teachers around campus.  "When you see your own Latin teacher still having the same impact on students so many years later, it drives home why we do this."

Nick Boehm '98

Boehm noted that the walk up hill is a bit longer than he recalls, "but (is) probably better for me now," and agreed that reconnecting with former teachers he had as a student has been one of the most enjoyable aspects of returning as a teacher himself.  "Walking through certain hallways or past certain spots, and being in rooms, brought back many memories that I had not thought about since I left Baylor," said Boehm, who is teaching Middle School science. "Talking to the teachers and coaches I had when I was a student has been one of the most fun parts. Many of whom I have not spoken to since I graduated. You get to experience them as a normal person, and not just 'a teacher.' I have been teaching the last four years at Red Bank High, but Baylor had always been in the back of my mind.  I don’t think it gets much better than to teach where you graduated from."

The following alumni are currently teaching one or more classes at Baylor:
  • Nick Boehm '98
  • Elizabeth Boaz Burnette '99
  • Bo Chamberlain '90
  • Jen Clemmer '07
  • Garrison Conner '05
  • Robin Fazio '92
  • Margaret Harman '14
  • Perry Key '80
  • Tim Laramore '99
  • Heath Montgomery'99
  • William Montgomery '92
  • Amelia Moore '16
  • Ashlee O'Steen '00
  • Elizabeth Cox Roemer '05
  • James Scott '00
  • Ashley McLeod Shuford '00
  • Card Steele '89
  • Jack Studer '01
  • Katie Flanagan Waite '02
  • Charlie Weeks '17
The following alums work at Baylor in roles other than teaching in the classroom:
  • Bett Adams '02
  • Chris Angel '89
  • Laura Green Blackstone '95
  • Jordan Clark '09
  • Maggie Corey '04
  • Allen Cox '09
  • Mike Davis '13
  • Elin Bunch Dickenson '09
  • Lizzie Corey Gendimenico '06
  • Sam Everett Green '08
  • Natalee Oldham HIndman '10
  • Matt Lewis '74
  • Steve Margio '91
  • Cody McGee '07
  • Jaime Jedrychowski Melton '94
  • Bill Murdock '81
  • Rob Parks '94
  • Sally Willingham Ratterman '04
  • Elizabeth Fogo Robinson '05
  • Scotty Smith '89
  • Kelli Howard Smith '95
  • Melissa Love Snyder '90
  • Leland Strang Wheland '02
  • Shaw Wilson '84


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