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Baylor School's 1-1 Technology Program - 2019


Baylor is committed to using technology to supplement and enhance the traditional classroom experience, and each student is required to have a device for class.

Middle School - All middle school students are required to have an iPad for use at school. Please see recommendations below for models and configuration suggestions. They should also have a keyboard and a stylus. Middle School Students will have the opportunity to use a different device when they enter the Upper School. The technology department will have loaner iPads for students whose iPad needs to be sent off for repair or other emergencies. Students will need an Apple ID to use for downloading apps and backing up the iPad – information regarding Apple IDs is below.

Upper School – Upper School students are required to have a device for use in class every day. Students are permitted to use the iPad, or another device that meets the requirements outlined below. The technology department will have loaner iPads for students whose iPad needs to be repaired or other emergencies. The school will not have loaner laptops. Students can transition from the iPad to another device at any time during their Upper School experience. Students may not use a smart phone as their device for academic use.


iPad Recommendations

The iPad is available in a variety of prices and configurations. The 32 GB, Wi-Fi only iPads, the least expensive option, are fully capable of handling students’ academic requirements. While the 32 GB model is sufficient for their academic work, students will be somewhat limited in storing other multimedia on the device; this includes videos, music, and pictures. For students who anticipate the need to have access to these types of media, a higher capacity model of the iPad should be purchased. The iPad Pro models are a more expensive option but the increased capabilities are not a requirement for academic uses. The older iPads (generation 4 or earlier) or iPad Mini (any version) are not acceptable models for use at school. iPads do not need a data plan and are recommended to be Wi-Fi only models.

The school recommends purchasing the AppleCare+ coverage which provides accidental damage coverage.

Apple ID Information

Below is the link for creating Apple IDs for children younger than 13 and with no credit card information linked to their account using the Family Sharing feature of Apple IDs.

iOS apps that we use at Baylor: Outlook (free), Notability, Word, OneDrive, Safari browser

Email and Office 365 – every student is issued a Baylor School email address and Office 365 account. Students will have access to online and iOS app versions of the Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, and Outlook) as well as being able to download and install the full office suite on up to five other devices. This license is effective as long as they remain students at Baylor. New Upper School students will receive log in instructions over the summer from the Upper School Office. New Middle School students will receive their username and password the first week of classes.

Upper School Device Requirements

Upper School students who choose to use a device other than the iPad must meet the following requirements:

  • WiFi - AC preferred, N minimum
  • Be able to install and use Office 365 software – provided at no cost by Baylor School
  • Dedicated Device: Baylor recommends that a student’s device be relatively new and be dedicated exclusively to the use of that student and that student’s work (i.e. not a “family laptop”).

Other considerations:

  • Warranty: The school recommends purchasing an extended warranty (3-4 years) that covers accidental damage – breakage, liquid spill, etc.
  • Touchscreen: Since the iPad is the school’s default device, Baylor teachers set up their course materials to function with the iPad’s capabilities in mind (such as a touchscreen and apps like Notability). Students choosing a device without a touchscreen will need to find work-arounds for certain types of work (ex: annotation of PDFs).
  • Camera: Various courses require students to take and submit photographs. Should the device a student chooses not have a camera, that student will need to find a work-around for taking and submitting photographs.
  • Battery Life: Most of Baylor’s classrooms are not set up to charge devices while using them. Baylor students are expected to report to class with battery life adequate to complete the day’s work. For that reason, students should consider length of battery life when choosing a device.

Some suggested minimum specifications if purchasing a new laptop:

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) Fall Creator update (build 1709) or Mac OS 10.12 (Sierra)/Mac OS 10.13 (High Sierra)
  • Hard Drive: 256GB SSD
  • Processor Speed: Intel Dual-Core i5 1.3 GHz or equivalent
  • Memory: 8GB RAM

BAYLOR & ipads

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