Frequently Asked Questions

Tuition & Financial Aid FAQs

What is financial aid?

Financial aid consists of funds given to families who demonstrate a financial need for assistance with tuition expenses at Baylor. Funds are made available by hundreds of donors who are interested in making a Baylor education available to outstanding students who would otherwise be unable to afford such an opportunity. Awards are provided by Baylor School’s endowment and other benefactors.

What is Baylor’s financial aid philosophy?

Each year, Baylor offers need-based financial aid to seek diversity within its community by providing educational opportunities to deserving students, regardless of their socio-economic back ground. The purpose of financial aid is to provide access to our school for families who would otherwise not be able to afford this education. It is important to realize that families bear the primary responsibility for financing a child’s education to the extent they are able and financial aid assists families in meeting the tuition requirements of the school.

How is financial aid determined?

Baylor uses the School and Student Services for Financial Aid service as a “needs analysis” and guide in determining the amount of aid the school is permitted to offer. SSS gives the school a recommendation of need, which is based in part by family size, parent’s age, extraordinary expenses, retirement provisions, and household income. The Financial Aid Committee uses this information along with supplemental information, including tax information, to help in determining an award. Current distribution of assistance and the demand on financial aid by grade level and program (day/boarding) has influence on the award. Independent schools have very different processes and criteria for awarding aid, and Baylor does take into account, not only the information from SSS, but also a child’s academic ability, extra-curricular involvement, and citizenship in awarding assistance. Again, the school is limited by the total amount of assistance available to families and the demand for financial aid dollars.

What tax information is expected to be submitted?

Before a file is considered complete and aid is posted to an account, each family must upload their personal IRS 1040 tax forms and accompanying schedules along with W-2 and 1099s as applicable into the SSS system for analysis. If this year’s (2018) tax forms are not complete, supply the same information for the past two years (2016 and 2017) until the current year’s tax form is complete will suffice.

What if I own my own business/farm?

If a parent owns a business/farm, completing the SSS Business/Farm Statement and submitting it to SSS along with a downloaded copy of the appropriate IRS business tax forms, including all schedules will be required. The school might ask for additional information relating to cash flow, balance sheets, and other relevant information.

Must I repay this award?

No. A financial award is used to offset the cost of your child's education and does not have to be repaid.

Who can apply for financial aid?

Besides the current students receiving assistance, families currently not on financial aid and who have experienced unexpected financial difficulties may apply for financial assistance. Depending on the situation, Baylor may or may not be able to respond to these family’s needs on a temporary or permanent basis.

How much financial aid may I expect to receive?

Every family and application is considered individually; however, families should expect to contribute something toward their child’s education. The total amount offered will be based not only on demonstrated financial need, but meritorious components of students: academic record, extracurricular activities, and citizenship; in conjunction with the financial aid available for a given class.

What is Baylor's tuition?

As you’d expect, a Baylor School education requires a significant investment. For the 2018-19 school year, Baylor tuition is:
Day Tuition: $24,700
Domestic Boarding Tuition: $50,300
International Boarding Tuition: $54,000

What supplemental costs are not included in the price of tuition?

Including, but not limited to uniforms, books, voluntary trip fees (such as weekend Walkabout trips), Campus Store and student center charges. An estimate of additional charges/cost is included in this section of the webpage.

Is my financial aid information confidential?

Yes. All information is supplied to SSS in a highly secured application that is accessed by the Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships and available only to member of the Financial Aid Committee or Administrators. All information is held at the highest level of confidence. All financial aid awards are confidential agreements between the recipient student/family and the school. We strongly request that information pertaining to these awards/agreements are not discussed in public; any proof of such conversation could result in a loss/change in an award.

What are some of your basic financial aid statistics?

• Tuition covers roughly 70% of the cost of educating a student at Baylor with our endowment covering the remaining amount.
• Baylor’s need-based financial aid budget is just over $6 million dollars.
• 342 students received need-based financial aid (32% of the student body with 38% Boarders, 30% Day).
• Our average aid award to day students (in 2018-19) was $12,926 and $34.019 for boarders, while we have typically been able to meet about 75% of a family’s demonstrated need.
• We receive over 650 applications for financial assistance.

Does Baylor give scholarships?

The only merit scholarships available are for a select number of highly qualified new 9th grade boarding students through our Distinguished Scholars Program and the Jo Conn Guild Scholarship for new 9th grade day students. Otherwise, the assistance Baylor offers is need-based financial aid that uses the School and Student Services (SSS) to give guidance for a family’s ability to pay toward the education of their child in independent schools. Baylor's financial aid is designed to supplement family resources to enroll qualified students who would not have been able to attend Baylor without the school's assistance.

Are athletic scholarships available?

Baylor does not offer athletic scholarships. The state athletic association (T.S.S.A.A.) does not allow schools to offer athletic scholarship to participating schools

Is there a deadline to be considered for financial aid?

The deadline to complete financial aid application forms and submit to SSS is January 31 for both new and returning students in both our boarding and day schools. Although applications will be accepted after this date, it is quite possible that funds will not be available. For new boarding students, the school works on a rolling admission cycle so students will be considered as their admission file and financial aid file is completed and funds remain available to be considered.

Is financial aid renewable each year?

Financial aid is granted on a yearly basis and renewal is not automatic. Subsequent awards will be based on the submission of a current complete financial aid application and support documents. Awards to families are also dependent on the student’s satisfactory academic progress, responsible citizenship, the family’s commitment to the school, and availability of financial aid funds. Students are expected to meet a minimum standard of behavior and academic performance while actively participating in Baylor’s programs. Changes in your financial status may affect the size of your award; therefore, a new applications must be filed through SSS each year. Once a family receives financial aid, it may reasonably expect a similar award each year unless the financial situation has changed significantly or the child is not meeting the minimum expectations the school has for all its students.

Are decisions regarding admission and financial aid related?

All admission decisions are made without regard for financial need. The two processes occur simultaneously but are separate. Financial aid is not a part of the Admission Committee’s discussion, and awards are not determined until after the Committee has made a decision regarding the admission application. There is a meritorious component to the financial aid process, which occurs in the evaluation of the candidate for admission to the school, and dictates the order in which the financial aid committee will consider applications for financial aid. Because we do have a limited financial aid budget and receive far more requests for aid than we can meet, students are entering a more competitive portion of our applicant pool. Students who show more potential or ability in academics/extra-curricular/athletics will be given consideration before students who have less ability or potential as evaluated by the admission committee. Families should expect to receive the award notification at the same time they receive word on their child’s admission.

Does Baylor offer financial Aid to International students?

Baylor does offer a limited amount of financial aid to international students. Besides completing the SSS application, International student/families must complete the International Financial Aid form (found on our website), which gives more specific details of a family’s financial situation, employment status, and tax returns

What if I have additional questions about tuition or financial aid?

We are here to help! We also provide individual appointments for your convenience. Feel free to schedule an appointment through our on-line appointment scheduler, e-mail at, or call 423-267-8505 ext. 270. We would ask that you read the entire section regarding tuition/financial aid on our website. Besides our policies and procedures there is a wealth of information we provide for you to learn more details about our program.