Our Admission Team

Each applicant to Baylor is assigned an admission counselor who will guide you through the process, and you should feel free to contact your counselor any time you have a question.

Ryan Armstrong

Ryan was named the Director of Admission in 2020. Since 2012, he served as a day admission counselor, an admission counselor for boarding applicants from the northeast and New England and is the admission liaison to the Baylor athletic department.  

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Bett Adams '02

Bett is a 2002 graduate and is director of Baylor's Camp Walkabout. If you like outdoor activities, the Baylor Walkabout program will be of great interest to you. Bett can tell you all about it.

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Linda Cooke

Linda is Baylor's Director of Student Diversity and Development and works closely with students and parents, building relationships and keeping lines of communication open. 

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Lori Kinney

Lori knows Baylor in and out as mom to three Baylor students (Cooper '21, Elli '23, and Mia '27) and dorm mom to some 40 boys in Probasco Hall. That knowledge comes in handy as she helps you navigate the admission process. 

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Bill Murdock '81

As Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships, Bill enjoys showing families the opportunities available at Baylor and helping them make the right match between student and school. His goal is to get to know applicants “as people, not files.”

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Mary Oehmig

Mary has been connected to Baylor is one way or another most of her life. Her love for the school is contagious and after a few minutes with her, you're likely to catch it!

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Ryan Armstrong
Director of Admission & Enrollment
(423) 757-2817

Bett Adams '02
Admission Associate
(423) 757-2515

Brian Burrage
Director of Boarding Admission
(423) 757-2826

Linda Cooke
Director of Student Diversity & Development
(423) 757-2834

Spencer Ferrari-Wood
Associate Director, Boarding Admission
(423) 757-2815

Anna Glascock '11
Associate Director, Boarding Admission
(423) 757-2835

Sam Green '08
Director of Auxiliary Programs
(423) 267-8506, ext. 804

Lori Kinney
Admission Associate
(423) 267-5902

Bill Murdock '81
Director of Financial Aid & Scholarships
(423) 757-2821

Mary Oehmig
Associate Director, Day Admission
(423) 757-2869

Sally Ratterman '04
Associate Director, Day Admission
(423) 267-8506, ext. 249

Jenny Silberman
Director of Day Admission
(423) 757-2831

Julia Steck '18
Associate Director, Boarding Admission
(423) 757-2820

Carlton Stewart
Director of Summer Programs & Middle School Athletic Director
(423) 267-8506, ext. 229

Jenny Wang
International Admission Coordinator
(423) 267-8506, ext. 528

Eric Westmoreland
Admission Associate
(423) 757-2852

Darrell Wyke
Admission Associate
(423) 267-8505, ext. 570