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Jo Conn Guild Scholarship Program (Day)

Scholarship Dinner Group

Recognizing the Best and Brightest

Baylor’s Jo Conn Guild Scholarship is a merit-based, four-year scholarship for new, rising ninth-grade day students.

The scholarship is designed to provide recognition for students who demonstrate promise for academic excellence, extracurricular involvement, and leadership.

Award Overview

The award ranges from partial to full tuition - recipient(s) will receive their scholarship award throughout their career at Baylor, provided he or she continues to demonstrate the academic and extracurricular excellence that merited the award.

Nominees will be expected to have exhibited leadership skills and to have made a positive contribution to some worthy group or cause. Importantly, they should demonstrate a personal commitment to excellence inside the classroom and beyond.

The scholarship is made possible by the descendants of Jo Conn Guild, member of the Baylor Class of 1905 and Chairman of the Board of Trustees for 35 years.

Nomination Criteria

Nominees for the Jo Conn Guild Scholarship should demonstrate academic excellence (including exemplary performance on a Baylor-approved national test), leadership skills, breadth of interest and extracurricular involvement. They also must have made a positive contribution to some worthy group or cause.

Furthermore, the nominations must be:

  • Submitted by someone who is neither a member of the nominee’s family nor a member of the Baylor school faculty.
  • Nominations are currently being accepted for the 2023-24 school year. Once students are nominated, the Baylor admission department will be in contact to outline the additional materials required to complete the scholarship application.

For More Information

For more information about Baylor’s Jo Conn Guild Scholarship Program, please contact the Baylor School Admission Office, at 423-267-5902 or


Nomination Deadline and Interviews

Deadline for scholarship nominations will be December 31, and the final interviews will take place in February.

Click here to nominate online