Whether you are selecting a school for a young child or assisting an older one, evaluating a day or a boarding program – choosing a school is a major family decision. Making the right choice will first involve understanding your child's needs and your family's values and expectations, then examining the distinct features of each school you are considering. Below are some of the questions we often hear while prospective parents and students are making their decision. We hope that if you have a specific question you will e-mail us, or call us at call 423-267-5902, or .

Admission FAQs

What is Baylor's tuition?

As you'd expect, a Baylor School education requires a significant investment. For the 2019-20 school year, Baylor tuition is:
Day Tuition: $25,440
Domestic Boarding Tuition: $51,810
International Boarding Tuition: $55,620

What charges are not included in the price of tuition?

Uniforms, books, voluntary trip fees (such as weekend Walkabout trips), Campus Store and student center charges.

How do I go about arranging a visit to campus and meeting with an admission counselor?

Brochures and websites are helpful, but there is no substitute for a visit to obtain first hand knowledge of a school. Please call our Office of Admission at 423-267-5902 to schedule an appointment.

What is required to receive an admission decision?

The official campus visit, main application, teacher recommendations, a personal recommendation, school transcript, and SSAT test results. The steps and deadlines involved in our application process are outlined in the admission packet and on this website, but your child will need your assistance and guidance along the way. Our admission counselors are also available to assist throughout the process.

Should we withdraw our application if our child performs poorly on the entrance exam?

While the entrance exam is important, it is not the only tool used to determine if a child is the right fit for Baylor. Grades, teacher recommendations, extracurricular activities, and the personal campus visit are equally important to the admission process. If there are serious concerns about testing, a conversation with the admission director would be advisable.

Who makes the final decision?

We strongly encourage parents of children entering grades 6-8 to make the final decision of which school your child will attend. In the case of students applying to the upper school in either the boarding or day programs, the majority of parents agree on the list of schools to which the student will apply, allowing the student to make the final decision. With older children, it is vitally important to understand each other's expectations before applying.

Does Baylor give scholarships?

Each year, Baylor honors a select number of highly qualified boarding students through our Distinguished Scholars Program. Otherwise, the assistance Baylor offers is need-based financial aid as determined by the school and Student Services (SSS). Baylor's financial aid is designed to supplement family resources to allow qualified students to enroll who would not have been able to do so without the school's assistance.

Is there any sort of financial aid available?

Each year, Baylor offers need-based financial aid to make its educational experience accessible to qualified students, regardless of their socio-economic back ground. To receive information about financial aid, please check the appropriate box on the admission application, or call the Admission Office at 267-5902. Requests for financial aid information will not affect admission decisions.

What is summer Jump Start?

New day students who will be entering ninth grade in the fall may want to consider participating in our Summer Jump Start program. The program is designed to give new students a chance to become familiar with the school's academic program, learn some important technology, and meet Baylor students and faculty.

Are decisions regarding admission and financial aid related?

All admission decisions are made without regard for financial need.

Must I repay this award?

No. A financial award is used to offset the cost of your child's education.

How much financial aid may I expect to receive?

Each award is individualized, based upon the financial need of each applicant.

Besides athletics, what can my child do after school?

There are a number of activities students can participate in to satisfy their after school requirement. We offer theatre, dance, art, robotics, community service, and outdoor adventure through our Walkabout program. The options are explained in detail on this website.

Are iPads required?

Baylor is committed to using the iPad to supplement and enhance the traditional classroom experience, and each student is required to have an iPad for class. Click here for more information on our iPad initiative.