International Admission Process

Baylor is committed to admitting a boarding population that reflects international diversity, but we also want our international students to excel when they arrive, equipped for the classroom rigor and the social life of an American boarding school. Therefore, we look for students who exhibit English proficiency in all forms of communication.

For students who do not use English as their native language, Baylor requires a TOEFL or Duolingo score from a test taken within the year preceding the date of application. We may also consider other forms of standardized English-proficiency tests. Baylor also requires the Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) taken within the previous year. Other acceptable forms of standardized testing include the PSAT, ACT, or SAT.

Because of this emphasis on language skills, Baylor requires a personal interview. The interviews can be conducted in person with an admission counselor if one is in your area or when the student visits Baylor for a campus tour. Baylor places high value on students who visit campus, since it gives a student a better idea about whether Baylor will be the right fit for them. For those students who cannot get to Chattanooga, however, we are happy to coordinate a Zoom interview after the application requirements are met.

In order to be considered for Early Decisions (released February 10) or within the first round of decisions (released March 10), applicants must submit all materials through their Admission Portal by December 31.


Our current international community consists of students from Chile, Brazil, Spain, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas, Ghana, Finland, the UK, Ukraine, China, Japan, Thailand, and Saudi Arabia.