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Looking Ahead & Admissions

Baylor School has decided to suspend operations temporarily out of sensitivity to the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Although no member of the Baylor community has been diagnosed with the virus, we feel our responsibility is to temporarily cease bringing a thousand students together every day.

What will not cease is our admission process. We are already looking ahead to the re-opening of school and the chance to welcome new applicants for their interviews and campus tours once the COVID threat has passed. Although those dates have not yet been set, we would be happy to have you begin your application process so that you will have a running start when the gates of Baylor swing open.

Interested in Becoming a New Baylor Student?

Our admission counselors are working remotely and will be back in touch with you once you submit the form below. Begin the admission process today!

If You Have Already Been Accepted for 2020-21

Although we will be working remote, please know we will be in communication and support you in all you need to have a great start at Baylor. Because the effects of COVID-19 are being felt nationally, we understand that decision deadlines may have to be flexible, and we are willing to consider extensions on a case-by-case basis. If you have any question, please call 423-267-5902 or email us here.


Thousands of Experiences, Where Could Baylor Lead You?

Because of Baylor I am...

"My Dorm Became My Family"

“When I came to Baylor, it felt right. I became so close with my dorm mates – I knew they had my back.” – Aaron Ervin ’17

Baylor Boarders

Get into top colleges

100% of the time. In fact, our grads have been accepted to Brown, Cornell, Yale, UNC, and more.

Earn college scholarships

Colleges awarded a recent graduating class $16.5 million in merit scholarships and $1 million in athletic scholarships.

Are ready for anything

They’re academically prepared, independent, take initiative, and know how to manage their time.

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