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Looking Ahead & Admissions

We are now welcoming new applicants for their interviews and campus tours for 2021-22 enrollment.

Campus Tours

We are conducting in-person campus tours by appointment only, Monday through Friday 9am-4pm.

Visitors will be asked to adhere to the following safety measures:

  • Completing and submitting the COVID-19 questionnaire prior to arrival on campus (which will be provided by the school);
  • Wearing masks during the tour, except when space allows for social-distancing outside;

Tours will be conducted by an admission counselor wearing a mask and observing appropriate distancing throughout the tour. Access to some buildings may be restricted.

Baylor is committed to having the safest campus in the country so that families can feel secure during their visit. To request a tour, please call the admission office at 423-267-5902 or email admission@baylorschool.org.

Enjoy this virtual tour hosted by two recent Baylor graduates.

Thousands of Experiences, Where Could Baylor Lead You?

Because of Baylor I am...

"My Dorm Became My Family"

“When I came to Baylor, it felt right. I became so close with my dorm mates – I knew they had my back.” – Aaron Ervin ’17

Baylor Boarders

Get into top colleges

100% of the time. In fact, our grads have been accepted to Brown, Cornell, Yale, UNC, and more.

Earn college scholarships

Colleges awarded a recent graduating class $16.5 million in merit scholarships and $1 million in athletic scholarships.

Are ready for anything

They’re academically prepared, independent, take initiative, and know how to manage their time.

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