Student Support

One Baylor's strengths is student support programs, services, systems, and faculty focused on every student's success.

Some examples include:

  • Attentive grade-level deans who work with students, faculty, and parents to help each student perform to the best of his or her ability.
  • An adviser program, the Peer Support Network, a Peer Tutoring Program, and professional school counselors and learning specialists.
  • A professional library staff, college counseling, the chaplaincy, and academic prefects serving the boarding program also bolster student success.
  • The Upper School and Middle School programs address students' needs in age-appropriate ways, and one-on-one extra help sessions with faculty are built into the schedule at each grade level.
  • Although "Extra Help" sessions are available during the week and is voluntary for all students in every grade, some faculty require students to attend until they are able to grasp the class material.
  • Depending on their grades, study hall may also be required daily for some students.


Extra Help
"Extra Help" is a block of time offered three or four times a week to all students. Faculty meet with students during this time for individualized help according to the student's needs. Sometimes the help is voluntary, but teachers also may require the session if they feel students need it.

Adviser Groups

Every student is part of an academic adviser group that meets weekly. The adviser has three official roles: academic monitor, student advocate, and facilitator.