Global Scholars Program

Baylor is committed to global education as a step toward fulfilling our own mission of "fostering in students the desire to make a positive difference in the world."

Baylor offers study in five world languages - Chinese, French, German, Latin, and Spanish; student exchanges in Australia, France, Spain, and South Africa; and annual student trips to Italy, India, and Jamaica.

In addition, Baylor's Global Scholars program distinguishes students who apply an international lens to their education by studying world languages, taking globally-focused courses such as AP human geography and Eastern religions, participating in activities such as Model UN, and producing Senior Global Capstone portfolios.

Baylor is a member of the Global Education Benchmark Group, a consortium of independent schools that share the mission of GEBG:

  • Identify best practices in global education by collecting, analyzing, and sharing data from GEBG members.
  • Promote the development of global citizens in independent schools and beyond through global curriculum, experiences, and institutional support.
  • Develop the knowledge, skills, and empathic orientation required to understand multiple perspectives and to thrive in increasingly interconnected world systems.

"The Global Education Benchmark Group has been an excellent resource in helping to build the Global Scholars program and to improve Baylor's travel opportunities," says Tim Laramore '99, Baylor's global education coordinator. "Independent schools across the country seek answers to the same questions as they develop authentic global education programs. The GEBG plugs us into those conversations so that we can learn from a wide body of educators who all work toward engaging students to become global citizens. We learn from the GEBG's deep pool of experience on a daily basis."

Travel the World

Hiking the Himalayas, kayaking in Panama, working in orphanages in Jamaica, traveling to Europe with an art or language class….these are just a few of the opportunities our students enjoy. Click here for more...

Exchange Program

Baylor has student exchange partnerships with schools in Australia, South Africa, Spain, and France. Click here for more...

WOrld Language Study

Baylor offers beginning level through Advanced Placement classes in Chinese, French, German, Latin, and Spanish, as well as seminars in culture and history. Click here for more...