Computer Science

Computer Science continues to integrate itself into many disciplines and professions, as well as being a unique field of study unto itself. Students interested in studying engineering, design, business, physical sciences, or medicine in college will benefit greatly from these courses, but emerging technologies and techniques in fields as diverse as art and sports make understanding computers, programming, and logic generally applicable. The ability to analyze problems and formulate algorithms to solve those problems is fundamental to Baylor's computer science program. A hands-on approach grounded in sound theory and design is used throughout the curriculum. Students work individually or collaborate in pairs or teams as projects dictate. Finally, we always consider the ethical aspects of computing as we strive to impart skills that enable students to make a positive difference.

Computer Science Requirements: Computer Science courses are all electives and are not required for graduation


Computer Courses lasting a semester

Computer Science I: Introduction to Computer Science

This introductory course focuses on learning the fundamentals of programming and developing logically sound and efficient solutions to problems. Students learn the Swift programming language and use Xcode to explore computer graphics, text processing, and simple game programming along with relevant mathematical skills and computational reasoning.

AP Computer Science Principles

This semester-long course introduces concepts and computational thinking practices central to disciplines of computer science. Through modern programming languages such as Swift and Python, the students focus on creativity, abstraction, data analysis, algorithm development and expression, and networking. Alongside these foundational elements of computer science, students also explore innovations in related fields, as well as the ethical implications of new computing technologies. CS I is a recommended prerequisite, but students may enter pending demonstrated knowledge/experience and permission from an instructor.

Computer Science Courses lasting a year

Software Design and Engineering

Students learn how to utilize polymorphism, the model-view-controller paradigm, actor model concurrency, and discrete mathematics to solve and analyze the efficiency of increasingly complex problems. We make use of common tools for design, testing, and debugging. This course meets the lab requirements of the AP Computer Science exam. Prerequisite : Computer Science II, PreCalculus