Boarding in the Upper School

Baylor's school community is comprised of both day students from the Chattanooga area and boarding students from around the world.

The majority of our boarding students tell us they chose Baylor because they were seeking more challenges, more independence, and more opportunities.

Greater independence in college.
Our boarding alumni consistently report that their boarding experience helped with the transition to higher education, making them more independent, organized, self-confident, and better prepared to make decisions on their own. They also began their college years with better study habits than many of the non-boarding peers they met in college.

A supportive 24/7 learning community.
Our dormitories (three for boys and three for girls) are staffed by teachers who serve as dorm parents. As with all Baylor students, boarders are assigned an academic adviser, who meets with them several times throughout the week to establish personal goals, monitor progress, and discuss opportunities or challenges.

The Boarding Experience

Research by The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) provides solid data that breaks down long-held misperceptions about boarding schools: The Truth About Boarding School