Exchange Program

Although exchange programs have existed at various times throughout Baylor’s history, the current program, headed by social studies instructor Heather Biebel, has grown to include relationships with 10 schools in seven countries over the last three years.

Students from the exchange partner schools have enjoyed attending classes at Baylor and living in Chattanooga – some with host families and others as boarding students.

“The Baylor Exchange Program is another facet of Baylor’s shift in the curriculum, allowing students to explore the world through hands-on experience,” says Biebel.

Partnering exchange Schools since 2016

  • Bishops Diocesan College; Cape Town, South Africa
  • Durban Girls School; Durban, South Africa
  • Colegio Sagrado Covazon; Pamplona, Spain
  • Colegio San Fernando; Aviles, Spain
  • Herschel Girls School; Cape Town, South Africa
  • Kingham Hill School; Oxfordshire, England
  • Otto-Han-Gymnasium; Dinslaken, Germany
  • Saint-Denis International School; Loches, France
  • St. Hilda’s Gold Coast; Queensland, Australia
  • Waikato Diocesan School for Girls; Hamilton, New Zealand

Current Baylor students interested in pursuing an exchange can find all pertinent information and applications on MyBaylor.

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Baylor's latest exchange students

Eleven Baylor sophomores were selected to participate in exchange trips with schools in 2018. During their junior year, they will host students from the same schools.

Pictured are (front row, left to right) Defne Bozbey, Otto-Han-Gymnasium in Dinslaken, Germany; Maggie Clark, Saint-Denis International School in Loches, France; Maddy Toledano, Colegio Sagrado Covazon in Pamplona, Spain; and Jade Liu, Saint-Denis International School in Loches, France; (back row) Ridley Browder, Kingham Hill School in Oxfordshire, England; Lea Hunter, Collegio San Fernando in Alviles, Spain; Maggie Kerley, St. Hilda’s on Australia’s Gold Coast; Sean Dougherty, Otto-Han-Gymnasium in Dinslaken, Germany; and Saad Mohammad, Bishops College in Cape Town, South Africa. Not pictured are Sophie Workinger, Colegio Sagrado Covazon in Pamplona, Spain; and Katy Waddell, Waikato Diocesan School for Girls in Hamilton, New Zealand.


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