Travel Opportunities

Baylor students gain new perspectives that come from domestic and international travel. Beginning in the Middle School with a class trip to Washington, D.C., opportunities expand in grades 9-12 to match a variety of interests: choir competitions in the southeast, language immersion in Costa Rica, and community service in Jamaica -- to name a few...

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Some trips include:

Liz Aplin Trips: Italy/Spain
Every other summer, a group of art students have the opportunity to take their talents to the next level by studying with artists abroad in Italy or Spain.
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Abshire Civic Leadership Trip: Washington, D.C.
The David M. Abshire Leadership Fellows Program is an intensive eight-day experiential course of study in Washington D.C. with an emphasis on national leadership, ethics, honor, and service.
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Joe "Sarge" Key Award: Acadia National Park, Maine
The purpose of this trip is to honor Baylor students of admirable character whose selfless efforts might otherwise go unrecognized by the school or by their peers. All expenses are paid for the group to visit Acadia National Park in Maine, where they participate in a variety of outdoor experiences.
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Spring Break Walkabout Trip: Sikkim, India
Baylor students who participate in the annual trip spring break trip are immersed in India's culture – studying Tibetan religion, hiking trails bordering Nepal and the Himalayan mountains, and participating in a service project.
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Community Service Trips: Asheville/Cherokee, N.C., Jamaica
During fall and winter breaks, Community Service students travel to Asheville and Cherokee, N.C., where they work in a homeless shelter and with a family and children services agency. For spring break, they travel to Jamaica to work with abused children, a squatter's community, and the elderly.
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Eighth Grade Class Trip: Washington, D.C.
This trip builds on what students have learned in the civics and ethics classes. Highlights include visits to the Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Newseum, the American History, Natural History, and National Gallery of Art museums, and the World War II, Vietnam and Korean War Memorials.
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Freshman Trip: Mentone, Ala.
Organized by Walkabout faculty, 35 upperclassmen guide the entire freshman class through two days and nights of outdoor adventures, square dancing, and most importantly – the profound opportunity to relax together.
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Senior Trip: Mountain Rest, S.C.
"The Senior Trip grew out of our motivation to find a way to pull senior classes together and promote an understanding of what it means to be part of a team and all that comes from that" leadership, compassion for others, and an appreciation and respect for the outdoors," says Dr. Chris Moore '68, who helped develop the program.
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2018-19 International Trips

Nov. 2018

  • Walkabout Kayaking in Panama

Dec. 2018

  • Walkabout Climbing/Trekking in India

Spring Break 2019

  • RESPECT Trip to Jamaica
  • Walkabout Scuba and Surfing in Panama
  • Language Immersion in Germany
  • Language Immersion in Guatemala
  • Language Immersion in China

June 2019

  • Language Immersion in Spain
  • Walkabout Trekking in the British Isles
  • Seeking the Sublime in Switzerland
  • Middle School Science in Bermuda
  • Rising Freshman in France

Summer 2019

  • Liz Aplin Art to Florence, Italy
  • Middle School Students in Costa Rica
  • Middle School Students in England


"My trip to India taught me to never take the simple things in life for granted. During my homestays in both Dharamsala and Thiksey Village, I got to experience what the true meaning of happiness really is. Even though the families that I stayed with had close to nothing, the love and compassion that they had for each other pulled them through the toughest of times. Almost every person that I met in India lived by the saying... 'Live simply... so that others may simply live.' This perfectly explains how most everyone in India tries to do away with the material things in life and focus on more important aspects like family, friends, service to others, and religion. This trip has made me even more grateful to have a supporting and loving family, a roof over my head, food, and running water."
- Leah Hartman '06