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The Learning Center

Inspiring all students to achieve their greatest potential!

"After only a few days of coming to the Learning Center, I became more comfortable with answering questions in class and was proud of my work when I turned it in to my teachers. The Learning Center is an amazing judgment free zone where any student is welcome to come and get help on things they struggle with while gaining the life skills of helping others around them." - Baylor student -

A Centralized Location

Over the years the Learning Center has grown from a small classroom tucked away in the basement of a building to a highly visible hub in the new Scotty Probasco Academic Center.

The new space underscores Baylor’s commitment to student help, provides students with a convenient drop-in environment, removes the stigma that extra help exists only for the struggling student, and allows for students to interact with their peers in an active learning environment.

The centralized space allows the staff to add more students to its regular roster, accommodates a greater number of drop-in students, creates more private study spaces for students who are easily distracted, and provides secluded group study spaces to foster organic one-on-one student interactions.

A Bridge for Success

Upon entering Baylor’s Upper School, students may be assigned to the Learning Center roster based on their grades, test scores, or teacher recommendations. The staff specialists often begin simply by ensuring that students understand the school’s schedule. Next, they help the students become acquainted with the school’s various technology platforms, especially if the students are not graduates of the Baylor Middle School. They then work to ensure the students have a viable organization system, and if not, will help them create or refine one. As the first semester assignment deadlines approach, the staff guides students in developing productive time management and prioritization skills. Throughout the year, they coach students asking for additional support from their teachers.

Help for All Baylor Students

The Learning Center staff consists of a director as well as a cohort of tutors and learning specialists. Though much of their focus is on the support of incoming students and those struggling academically, nearly 35 percent are drop-in students with a wide variety of course loads seeking support to complement work done in class or in Extra Help. The Learning Center staff sees the entire spectrum of Baylor students -- from a senior taking four APs to a freshman struggling in Algebra I.

Learning Center Staff

Jennifer Averbeck


BA, University of the South
MA, UT-Chattanooga


BS, Cornell University
MS, Mankato State University

John Gibson

BA, UT-Chattanooga


BS, Williams College
MA, UC-Davis

chase waller

BA, Covenant College

Henry Blue

Middle School Director

BA, Davidson College
MA, University of Virginia