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Please use the links below to access resources and databases provided by Baylor’s Hedges Library. Click on "More Info" to reveal a description of the database, or click on the name to link to the resource itself. These subscription databases include reliable information that has already been published in reference sources and periodicals (journals, magazines, and newspapers).

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  • American History
    American History - ABC-CLIO -- From the explorers of the Americas to the issues of today’s headlines, American History investigates the people, events, and stories of our nation’s evolution.
  • Business Economics and Theory
    Business Economics and Theory Collection provides access to academic journals and magazines focusing on topics in economics and related fields. The database has an emphasis on titles indexed in the American Economic Association's EconLit bibliography.
  • Business Insights: Essentials
    Business Insights: Essentials combines all of the content formerly found in Business & Company Resource Center with a new interface designed around the research goals and workflows of your diverse business research community. Easily find information on companies, industries and more in the context of timely news, statistical data, and in-depth reports.
  • Career Transitions
    Career Transitions is an online career guidance center that walks users through the job-search process from beginning to end. It brings together all the tools needed to explore and take the leap to a new career. Career Transitions employs a step-by-step approach to help people: 1) explore new career possibilities; 2) assess their interests and experience; 3) identify ways to improve their prospects, including networking and education; 4) prepare for a job search; and 5) search and apply for jobs.
  • American History
    From the explorers of the Americas to the issues of today’s headlines, American History investigates the people, events, and stories of our nation’s evolution.
  • Britannica ImageQuest
    ImageQuest™ brings classroom activities to life with nearly 3 million rights-cleared images from more than 50 of the best collections in the world. The Bridgeman Art Gallery, Dorling Kindersley Images, Getty Images, the National Portrait Gallery of London, the National Geographic Society, and other leading names have joined with Britannica to provide the best and broadest collection of proprietary educational imagery.
  • Classroom Video on Demand
    Classroom Video On Demand is a comprehensive streaming video subscription service for high schools, featuring unlimited access to more than 5,000 educational programs that can be viewed in class, at the library, or from home. Brought to you by Facts On File, in conjunction with Films for the Humanities and Sciences (FFH&S), Classroom Video On Demand is a compilation of FFH&S’s best high-school-level video content spanning across all subject areas.
  • Communications and Mass Media Collection
    Communications and Mass Media Collection provides access to academic journals and magazines focusing on all aspects of the communications field. Key subjects covered in the database include advertising and public relations, literature and writing, linguistics, and more.
  • CountryWatch Youth Edition
    Included in the CountryWatch Youth Edition is a combination of background information on specific countries, current events coverage, a guide to the formation of countries within global context, as well as curriculum-based resources, and colorful international images.
    CountryWatch provides critical country-specific intelligence and data. Key publications include: CountryReviews, contains: demographic, political, economic, business, cultural and environmental information. CountryWire, contains: daily news coverage for every country in the world and a significant news archive made up of the compendium of regional news carriers.
  • CQ Researcher
    CQ Researcher explores a single "hot" issue in the news in depth each week. Topics range from social and teen issues to environment, health, education and science and technology. Available also in print in the bound periodical collection.
  • Criminal Justice Collection
    Criminal Justice Collection provides access to academic journals and magazines on topics in criminal justice and related fields. Key subjects covered in the database include law, law enforcement, security, and terrorism.
  • Daily Life through History
    In Daily Life through History, students and researchers discover the everyday details about past eras that make historical accounts relevant and meaningful.
  • Diversity Studies Collection
    Diversity Studies Collection provides access to scholarly journals and magazines that explore cultural differences, contributions, and influences in the global community. The database is a must-have for social science, history and liberal arts coursework.
  • Educator's Reference Complete
    Educator's Reference Complete provides access to academic journals, reports, and many premier reference sources in the field of education. The database includes content in key subject areas including administration, bilingual education, child development and psychology, funding, health education, technology, and testing. The majority of the full-text titles included are also found in the ERIC database.
  • Encyclopædia Britannica School Edition
    Encyclopædia Britannica Online School Edition provides access to three databases: -- Encyclopædia Britannica for high school students and up, -- Comptons by Britannica for middle school students and up and -- Britannica Elementary for elementary students and up. You can search the chosen encyclopedia as well as magazines, Web sites, and videos. You can also explore Learning Materials, a dictionary and thesaurus, atlases, timelines, and other features -- all at the appropriate grade level.
  • Expanded Academic ASAP
    Expanded Academic ASAP provides access to scholarly journals, magazines, and newspapers across disciplines. The database meets research needs in subject areas including the arts and humanities, social sciences, and science and technology.
  • Facts On File World News Digest
    World News Digest brings together the archival record of domestic and international news, unrivaled for its depth, breadth, and accuracy, covers all major political, social, and economic events since November 1940. World News Digest is updated twice weekly and includes a searchable hourly newsfeed.
  • Fine Arts and Music Collection
    Fine Arts and Music Collection provides access to scholarly journals and magazines that support research in areas including drama, music, art history, and filmmaking. The database emphasizes full-text content for publications included in the Wilson Art Index and RILM bibliography.
  • Gale Virtual Reference Library
    Gale Virtual Reference Library is a database of encyclopedias and specialized reference sources for multidisciplinary research. These reference materials once were accessible only in the library, but now you can access them online from the library or remotely 24/7. Because each library creates its own eBook collection, the content you see may vary if you use the database at different libraries (your school, your public library, or your office).
  • Gender Studies Collection
    Gender Studies Collection provides balanced coverage of this significant aspect of culture and society. The database offers access to scholarly journals and magazines covering topics including gender studies, family and marital issues, and more.
  • General Business File ASAP
    Analyze company performance and activity, industry events and trends as well as the latest in management, economics and politics. Access to a combination of broker research reports, trade publications, newspapers, journals and company directory listings with full text and images available.
  • General OneFile
    General OneFile is a one-stop source for news, magazine, and periodical articles across a wide range of general interest topics and academic disciplines. With millions of articles available in both PDF and HTML full-text, General OneFile serves a wide audience of readers.
  • General Reference Center
    General Reference Center provides access to magazines, newspapers, and reference books through one easy interface. This general interest database offers the latest content covering current events, popular culture, the arts and sciences, sports, hobbies, and more.
  • General Reference Center Gold
    General Reference Center Gold provides access to magazines, newspapers, trade publications, and reference books through one easy interface. This general interest database offers the latest content covering current events, popular culture, business and industry trends, the arts and sciences, sports, hobbies, and more.
  • General Science Collection
    General Science Collection provides access to scholarly journals and magazines covering the latest scientific developments. Key subjects covered by the database include biological sciences, computing, engineering, and technology
  • Health and Wellness Resource Center and Alternative Health Module
    Provides instant access to carefully compiled and trusted medical reference materials. Includes nearly 400 health/medical journals, hundreds of pamphlets, over 700 health-related videos from partner Healthology, Inc., and articles from 2,200 general interest publications in addition to a broad collection of Gale reference titles. Material contained in this Resource Center is intended for informational purposes only.
  • Health Reference Center Academic
    Health Reference Center Academic provides access to medical and professional periodicals, health and fitness magazines, and reference books and pamphlets. The database is designed for both nursing and allied health students as well as consumer health researchers. The material contained in this database is intended for informational purposes only.
  • Informe Académico
    Informe Académico proporciona acceso a periódicos y revistas especializadas de lengua española y portuguesa. La base de datos ofrece una amplia gama de contenidos sobre América Latina. Informe Académico provides access to Spanish- and Portuguese-language scholarly journals and magazines. The database offers a wide range of content both from and about Latin America.
  • InfoTrac Junior Edition
    InfoTrac Junior Edition provides middle school and junior high students with access to magazines, newspapers, books, and other reference content. The database offers audience-appropriate information on current events, the arts, science, popular culture, health, people, government, history, sports, and more.
  • InfoTrac Junior Edition - K12
    Based on the same content as the InfoTrac Junior periodical database, this product defaults to a subject search and makes a different interface available. It contains over 330 titles, cross searchable with E-Books, this periodical database is designed for students in junior high and middle school with access to a variety of indexed and full-text magazines, newspapers and reference books for information on current events, the arts, science, popular culture, health, people, government, history, sports and more.
  • InfoTrac Newsstand
    InfoTrac Newsstand provides access to full-text newspapers and allows users to search articles instantly by title, headline, date, newspaper section, or other fields. The database offers a one-stop source for current news and searchable archives.
  • InfoTrac Student Edition
    InfoTrac Student Edition provides high school students with access to magazines, newspapers, books, and other reference content. The database offers audience-appropriate information on current events, the arts, science, popular culture, health, people, government, history, sports, and more.
  • Issues & Controversies
    Issues and Controversies helps researchers understand today’s crucial issues by exploring hot topics in politics, government, business, education, and popular culture.
  • Issues & Controversies in American History
    With Issues and Controversies in American History, history comes to life, not as a mere recitation of names and dates, but as a series of turning points where the future hung in the balance and opinions raged on all sides. Each in-depth exploration delivers dynamic, concise, and balanced coverage that provides the background, outcomes, and contemporary points of view for the major topics in every American history curriculum.
    JSTOR offers a high-quality, interdisciplinary archive to support scholarship and teaching. It includes archives of over one thousand leading academic journals across the humanities, social sciences, and sciences, as well as select monographs and other materials valuable for academic work. The entire corpus is full-text searchable, offers search term highlighting, includes high-quality images, and is interlinked by millions of citations and references.The archive is unique in terms of scale, content, and the significant use it receives. It is recognized specifically for offering a unique, interlinked aggregation of scholarly works; facilitating interdisciplinary and historical research; exemplary standards of digitization and completeness, functionality that support academic use; highly reliable access; and long-term preservation.
  • Kids InfoBits
    Kids InfoBits is the perfect educational product for today's young learners. It's a content-rich, authoritative, easy-to-use resource featuring age-appropriate content covering a broad range of educational topics. It features a modern, graphical interface, great new content from trusted sources, more intuitive navigation, improved resources, and much more.
  • Literary Reference Center
    Literary Reference Center is a full text database that combines information from major reference works, books, literary journals as well as original content from EBSCO Publishing. This resource includes more than 10,000 plot summaries, synopses, and work overviews; 75,000 articles of terary criticism; 130,000 author biographies; full text of more than 300 ary journals; 500,000 book reviews; 25,000 classic and contemporary poems; over 11,000 classic and contemporary short stories; full text of more than 7,500 classic novels (anticipated by Fall 2006); over 3,000 author interviews; and over 1,000 images of literary figures. The database contains the Bloom Series of more than 500 books and all of MagillOnLiterature Plus from Salem Press, including the Masterplots series. It also includes other major reference works as well as the contents of over 275 major literary journals.
  • Literature Criticism Online
    Gale™ takes literature, history and culture to the next level with the largest, most extensive compilation of literary commentary available: Literature Criticism Online. Imagine centuries of analysis - the scholarly and popular commentary from broadsheets, pamphlets, encyclopedias, books and periodicals - delivered in an easy-to-use 24/7 online format that matches the exact look and feel of the print originals. The net result is tens of thousands of hard-to-find essays at your fingertips. It is all designed to raise the level of research while providing the around-the-clock remote access.
  • Literature Resource Center - LRC
    Find up-to-date biographical information, overviews, full-text literary criticism and reviews on more than 130,000 writers in all disciplines, from all time periods and from around the world. The optional MLA nternational Bibliography module adds citations for hundreds of thousands of books, articles and dissertations from 1926 to the present, linked to full text where available.
  • Literature Resources from Gale
    Research authors and their works, literary movements and genres. Search across several major Literature databases to find full text of literary works, journal articles, literature criticism, reviews, biographical information and overviews.
  • Military and Intelligence Database
    Military and Intelligence Database Collection provides access to scholarly journals, magazines, and reports covering all aspects of the past and current state of military affairs. The database offers content in key subject areas including governmental policies, the socioeconomic effects of war, the structure of the armed forces, and more.
  • National Jukebox
    The Library of Congress presents the National Jukebox, which makes historical sound recordings available to the public free of charge. The Jukebox includes recordings from the extraordinary collections of the Library of Congress Packard Campus for Audio Visual Conservation and other contributing libraries and archives.
  • National Newspaper Index
    National Newspaper Index provides quick access to the indexing of America's top five newspapers in one seamless search: The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Christian Science Monitor, Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post.
  • Nursing and Allied Health Collection
    Nursing and Allied Health Collection provides access to academic journals and other reference content covering all aspects of the nursing profession, from direct patient care to health care administration. The database offers current and authoritative content for professionals already working in the field as well as students pursuing a nursing-focused curriculum.
  • Opposing Viewpoints In Context
    Opposing Viewpoints in Context is an engaging online experience for those seeking contextual information and opinions on hundreds of today's hottest social issues. Drawing on the acclaimed Greenhaven Press series, the solution features continuously updated viewpoints, topic overviews, full-text magazines, academic journals, news articles, primary source documents, statistics, images, videos, audio files and links to vetted websites organized into a user-friendly portal experience.
  • Pop Culture Collection
    Pop Culture Collection provides access to scholarly journals and magazines that both analyze and contribute to popular culture. The database offers useful information for researchers in social science, history, art or liberal arts courses.
  • Pop Culture Universe: Icons, Idols, Ideas
    Pop culture did not suddenly arise from nowhere to become a focal point of our society; in the last century, every generation has had music, pastimes, public figures, and technology that played a role in defining that era. Today, pop culture has expanded exponentially, reaching into every aspect of our culture and society. It also has a magnetic attraction for young adults. It is for this reason that educators increasingly use pop culture to engage students in reading, writing, and research.
  • Popular Magazines
    Popular Magazines provides access to the most searched magazines across the InfoTrac products. All of the titles are selected based on actual publication searches performed by library patrons and the database includes many titles recommended by Bowker's "Magazines for Libraries."
  • Professional Collection
    Professional Collection provides access to academic journals and other reference content for educators. The database offers balanced coverage for any professional educator or user interested in professional development.
  • ProQuest Central K12
    ProQuest Central K12 includes both the Platinum collection which provides uncompromising coverage from more than 2,000 newspapers, magazines, journals, and reference works and the ProQuest Professional Education which provides access to a comprehensive reference collection for K-12 professional development and continuing education of more than 500 titles. Many titles are updated daily and contain full-text articles from 1986 forward including the New York Times full-text from 1995 to the present.
  • ProQuest HeritageQuest
    ProQuest HeritageQuest Online contains over 40,000 digitized genealogy and family history resources, federal census records, Revolutionary War pension application files, and more.
  • ProQuest Historical Newspapers
    ProQuest Historical Newspapers delivers the complete run of The New York Times -- 1851-2001, The Wall St. Journal -- 1889-1996, The Washington Post -- 1877-1997, The Christian Science Monitor -- 1908-2000 and the Los Angeles Times -- 1881-1990. ProQuest Historical Newspapers™ is the definitive newspaper digital archive offering full-text and full-image articles. More current articles may found in ProQuest Central K12
  • ProQuest History Study Center
    History Study Center provides current and backfile journal articles, rare books, newspaper articles, video clips, parliamentary papers, criminal trial records, radio and television news, maps, images, student guides and a bookshelf of respected reference titles. In addition, the history Web Gateway provides links to thousands of reliable and informative Web sites. History Study Center provides over 40,000 documents and articles organized under 515 widely-studied topics, with over 50 reference works, 3,000 images and links to 2,000 Web sites.
  • ProQuest Learning: Literature
    ProQuest Learning: Literature contains an unparalleled collection of resources including 3,000+ author biographies; 40 searchable full-text literature journals; full-text literary works; and other key criticism and reference sources. The site offers over 3,000 author pages giving access to biographies, original works, book reviews and criticism, and contextual multimedia to enhance the study of a particular text. Poetry resources include over 185,000 full-text poems, as well as The Poets on Screen collection, which offers contemporary poets giving readings of their favorite works. Drama students will find theater reviews, images from productions, and images and video for historical background.
  • Psychology Collection
    Psychology Collection provides access to academic journals and magazines that cover the study of emotions, personality, and the human mind. The database offers content of interest to both researchers and general users
  • Salem Health -- Magill’s Medical Guide, 7th edition
    is a perfect mix of accessibility and depth, providing general readers with an authoritative reference source that helps bridge the gap between medical encyclopedias for professionals and popular self-help guides. It is an up-to-date and easy-to-use compendium of medical information suitable for student research as well as use by general readers, including patients and caregivers.
  • Salem Press History Databases
    Salem Press History Databases at present include:
  • Great Events from History: The Sixties in America, The Ancient World, The Middle Ages, The Renaissance & Early Modern Era, The 17th Century, The 18th Century, The 19th Century, The 20th Century 1901-1940, The 20th Century 1941-1970, The 20th Century 1971-2000, Modern Scandals. Great Lives from History: Notorious Lives includes biographies of notorious personages, from the merely controversial to extremely negative, from ancient times to the present and worldwide, with emphasis on their roles in historical events or impact on law enforcement or popular culture. Musicians and Composers provides biographical profiles of important figures in all genres of music.
  • Salem Science
    Salem Science is a robust online database that includes the complete content of printed reference sets. Purchasing printed reference delivers online access at no additional cost. Titles currently available on Salem Science: Encyclopedia of Global Resources, Encyclopedia of Global Warming, Forensic Science, The Solar System, and Encyclopedia of Environmental Issues.
  • Scribner Writer
    Scribner Writers Series provides original, scholar signed essays on the lives and works of authors from around the world from all time periods. Entries include concise essays, citations, and biographical information that places the author and their works in personal and historical context.
  • Small Business Collection
    Small Business Collection provides access to academic journals and magazines perfect for both business school students and entrepreneurs. The database offers content that includes insights, tips, strategies and success stories.
  • Small Business Resource Center
    Search this database to learn how to start, finance or manage your small business. Resources include sample business plans, how to guides, articles and websites.
  • Student Resources In Context
    Student Resources In Context is an engaging online experience for those seeking contextual information on a wide array of subjects. The solution merges Gale's authoritative and continuously updated reference content with full-text magazines, academic journals, news articles, primary source documents, images, videos, audio files and links to vetted websites organized into a user-friendly portal experience.
  • Tennessean
    The Tennessean (ProQuest) -- This publication's detailed indexing helps users quickly find the news information they need. Each issue is indexed thoroughly, so they have access to not only top news stories but also the information contained on the various sections of the paper.
  • Tennessee Electronic Library
    TEL provides free online access to selected Gale electronic databases for all libraries serving the citizens of the state of Tennessee. Gale provides access to magazines, newspaper, and reference sources through the following Gale Group databases: Gale Virtual Reference Library, InfoTrac OneFile, Health and Wellness Resource Center, General reference Center Gold, Expanded Academic ASAP, Informe (Spanish language resource), General Business File ASAP, What Do I Read Next?, National Newspaper Index, Junior Edition, Junior Edition - K12, Student Edition - K12, Computer Database, Military & Intelligence Database, Religion & Philosophy Database, Professional Collection, General Business File International, and most recently, the Literature Resource Center, Scribner Writers Series Online, and the Twaynes Authors Online.
  • Tennessee Records
    Tennessee State Library and Archives ( -- Since 1854 the Tennessee State Library and Archives (TSLA) has been collecting and preserving Tennessee history. With a vast collection books, official records and private manuscripts, TSLA is the premier research library for Tennessee genealogy. Many indexes and finding aids are available online to help researchers learn about the many and varied collections housed at TSLA.
  • Tennessee Virtual Archive
    From King George’s Proclamation of 1763 to the earliest purchase of land from Native Americans to the first Constitutions of the State of Tennessee, these are among the most important records from our past. Significant milestones in the formation and early history of the state are presented here for the first time in digital form taken directly from the originals, with full transcription and accompanying historical text.
  • Tennessee's Landmark Documents
    a program of the State Library and Archives to create a digital repository of Tennessee history and culture. Our mission is to bring electronic versions of the state’s rich collections to a wider audience. TeVA provides a searchable array of historical records, photographs, documents, maps, postcards, film, audio and other original materials of enduring value.
  • Today’s Science
    Today’s Science bridges the gap between the science learned in the classroom and real-world discoveries. Updated weekly, with a 16-year backfile, Today’s Science explains important developments in biology, chemistry, the environment, space, physics, and technology.
  • Twayne’s Authors Online
    This eBook resource features the content of nearly 900 books from six print series — U.S. Authors Series Classic, English Writers Series Classic, World Authors Series Classic, Masterwork Studies, Studies in Short Fiction, and updated editions of U.S. Authors, World Authors and English Authors. Each collection was carefully coordinated with input from librarians and educators to include authors universally studied in high schools and colleges.
  • U.S. History Collection
    U.S. History Collection provides access to scholarly journals and magazines useful to both novice historians as well as advanced academic researchers. The database offers balanced coverage of events in U.S. history and scholarly work being established in the field.
  • Vocations and Careers Collection
    Vocations and Careers Collection provides access to journals and magazines that aid users in researching a vocation, finding an appropriate institution of learning, job searching, and maintaining a career. The database offers current and applicable content from general career guides to highly specialized industry journals
  • War and Terrorism Collection
    War and Terrorism Collection provides access to academic journals and magazines of interest to analysts, risk management professionals, and students of military science, history, and social science. The database offers balanced coverage of both historic and contemporary topics in the fields of war and terrorism.
  • World Book Encyclopedia
  • World Book Web
    World Book Web online is an expanded version of World Book’s print encyclopedias. Without the space constraints of the printed page, World Book has added more pictures, sound clips and more up-to-date information online.
  • World History: Ancient & Medieval Eras
    World History: Ancient and Medieval Eras - ABC-CLIO covers early human history around the globe—from prehistoric times to the beginnings of the Renaissance.
  • World History Collection
    World History Collection provides access to scholarly journals and magazines useful to both novice historians as well as advanced academic researchers. The database offers balanced coverage of events in world history and scholarly work being established in the field.
  • World History: The Modern Era
    World History: The Modern Era - ABC-CLIO (covering history from the Renaissance to today) is the latest update of the reference standard of electronic history reference materials for high school and high-level middle school coursework.
  • World News Digest


In addition to a large print reference section, Hedges Library offers users nearly 50 online databases full of vetted, accurate information and can also provide reference interviews with students, offering resources or perspectives that might be new.