Academic Support

College Prep

Preparation for college is a primary objective of a Baylor School education, and the intellectual rigor and variety of opportunities for all students provide a foundation for future academic success. As part of a college preparatory process, Baylor is also committed to supporting students academically and creating healthy study habits and time management skills. Personal attention in small classes helps ensure that students are challenged appropriately and guided in their work, Extra Help periods are built into the schedule for grades 6-12, and teachers also make themselves available outside class via phone, email, or appointments. The Learning Center in the first level of the Scotty Probasco Academic Center serves all students in grades 9-12.

The Learning Center, Grades 9-12

Upon entering Baylor’s Upper School, students may be assigned to the Learning Center roster based on their grades, test scores, or teacher recommendations. The Learning Center staff consists of a director as well as a cohort of tutors and learning specialists. Though much their focus is on the support of incoming students and those struggling academically, many others are drop-in students with a wide variety of course loads seeking support to complement work done in class or in Extra Help. The Learning Center staff sees the entire spectrum of Baylor students -- from a senior taking four APs to a freshman struggling in Algebra I. For more information, click here.

The Learning Center, Grades 6-8

The Middle School Learning Center is a centrally-located space that provides skill-building and content-specific support to students who would like additional academic support or would benefit from structured academic intervention. Students may be assigned to the Learning Center in their schedules as a part of a student support plan or may utilize it during daily help periods to work with math and humanities specialists. The Learning Center specialists maintain close communication with students’ teachers and advisers to ensure each student’s needs are met to the fullest.

Peer Tutors, Grades 9-12

Peer Tutors are available in the Upper School both during the school day and during evening study hours to assist students with specific coursework. Peer tutors allow for a student to receive one-on-one continuous and focused support for any subject area and help students understand assignments, how to use resources, develop ideas and organize their thoughts.

Hedges Library, Grades 6-12

A $1.5 million renovation of the Hedges Library transformed the space into an area that students and faculty love to visit -- further enhancing what has always been a vital part of the school community. For more information, click here.

Advisor Program, Grades 6-12

In addition to teaching, faculty members serve as advisers, providing a personal relationship for each student (grades 6-12) on a campus that already has so much to offer. Advisers meet with their advisees throughout the week and are in regular communication with parents through phone calls, emails and conferences. For more information, click here.

Extra Help, Grades 6-12

Extra Help is a scheduled block of time offered weekly for all Baylor students in grades 6-12. During Extra Help, teachers are available to meet with students to provide additional support for their class. Support can range from reinforcing a concept or skill to preparing for a test to help with homework. For more information, click here.