Networked Reconnaissance Rovers for Disaster Environments
Simon Galas

Chattanooga Regional Science and Engineering Fair Winners:
Robotics and Intelligent Systems Division, 1st place 
(Mary Loveless, project mentor)

Robotics offers a plausible alternative for safety reconnaissance missions during/after a natural disaster. Using robots to assess structure or look for survivors could save first-responder lives. The goal of this project is to develop a “swarm” of three rover robots that can detect and report important information about the safety of the environment, such as temperature, infrared, and gas. Controlled by a microcontroller, rovers (DFRobotshop Rover V2) are equipped with smoke, infrared and temperature sensors to gather information about the environment. The rovers are also capable of autonomous navigation with the use of an ultrasonic sensor. Additionally, custom housing to mount the sensors to the rovers were designed and 3D printed. Currently the rovers can wirelessly transmit environmental data to a coordinator computer. Future directions includes enabling the rovers to communicate to each other and respond to individual tasks in order to quickly and efficiently survey disaster-related scenarios.

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