Andy Stultz

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Upper School
Mathematics Instructor

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BS, Tennessee Tech
MA, Tennessee Tech

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“Students seem to enjoy interacting with material that has a focus on technology. It helps generate questions and provoke answers.”

As a teacher, Andy Stultz is always up for a challenge. “Each day is different,” he says. In his Geometry, Algebra I, and Algebra II classes, “the overall goal is student achievement, but the material changes and so do the challenges of imparting that knowledge or skill to the students.”

One way Andy keeps up with a changing classroom dynamic is by using technology in the classroom. “Students seem to enjoy interacting with material that has a focus on technology,” he says. “It helps generate questions and provoke answers.” Andy has pioneered at Baylor the use of the Ti Navigator, a system that wirelessly communicates between students’ calculators and Andy’s computer. He can ask students to graph a line on their calculators, and then their answers appear on his overhead projector, with names by each answer. “It’s a great tool,” he explains. “If I ask a question, every student has to answer, and by seeing everyone’s answers on the board, a student can figure out what he or she got wrong.”

Andy’s work with technology extends outside of the realm of Baylor students. Andy has spoken at several national conferences on the subject of using technology in the classroom, and he also helps his colleagues in the Mathematics department, specifically using SMART Boards and the Ti Navigator in their classrooms. For Andy, technology makes teaching a more personal, one-on-one experience because each student can participate in every aspect of class.

At Baylor, Andy has coached gofl, football, and baseball, and he enjoys seeing his students in a setting away from the demands of math class. An ideal workday for him consists of time spent inside, teaching and working with kids, and time spent outside. “So,” he concedes, “I’m pretty happy with what I do each day.”

When Andy is not enjoying his workdays, he likes to spend time on the golf course or at home with his family, his wife, Kelly, and sons, David '17 and Patrick '21.

Appointed 2003