8th Grade Curriculum

The eighth grade curriculum continues the emphasis of hands-on activities and authentic problem-solving experiences introduced in the sixth and seventh grades. Some examples include lab-oriented math and science courses; research papers, required modern languages, an eighth grade ethics course that focuses on the Holocaust, and a trip to Washington D.C. Art and music classes, which include history and theory as well as studio production, make extensive use of technology.


Bridges to Algebra
Algebra I
Honors Algebra I
Honors Geometry

World Languages 8

Latin II
Spanish II
German II
Spanish I
Chinese II

Theater/Leadership Exploration

Exploration (Two Quarters)
Theater (Two Quarters)

Science 8

Physical Science (Two Quarters)

English 8

Eighth grade English classes continue to build on the workshop foundation proscribed in the sixth and seventh grades. Students read and write in multiple genres, both in clusters and as a class. Students continue to collaborate and work with teachers individually and in small groups with increased accountability in their reading and writing. This prepares students for the demands of upper school English. Longer, more complex texts and demanding writing assignments are incorporated into this course. The workshop format is supplemented by regular vocabulary and grammar lessons.

Ethics and Civics - Social Studies 8

Ethics: Holocaust Studies (One Quarter)
Civics (One Quarter)

Arts Electives

Intermediate Band. Intermediate Orchestra, Intermediate Choir
Painting & Printmaking, Photoshop, Design in our World
Photography, Geometric Design, Dance
Students must participate in Arts Electives.


The Middle School years are a time of significant development for students with respect to physical, mental, social, and emotional changes. Our Wellness Program emphasizes making responsible health decisions and provides information and opportunities for mature discussion on a wide range of current health topics and issues. The course is offered to all Middle School students.

Physical Education

In P.E., eighth grade students learn the value of physical fitness while being exposed to the wide range of sports and activities Baylor has to offer.


The eighth grade curriculum continues the emphasis of hands-on activities and authentic problem-solving experiences.