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Hedges Library

The Hedges Library is a spacious, two-story community learning hub centrally located on Lupton Circle at the top of Barks Hall.  With its panoramic view of the river and the surrounding mountains, the Hedges Library serves as one of the essential cores of each student's Baylor experience, and its staff help shepherd students through every stage of their Baylor careers.

A Welcoming Space That Builds Community

Some Baylor students visit Hedges Library to lean into classics while others swipe through BookTok, a subcommunity on the TikTok app focused on books and literature.  Overseeing it all is head librarian Lauren Callihan who works to create an inviting and relaxing physical space for students and leads a library staff that loves conversation. “Some schools have moved to a different type of library such as a media center or a learning commons. One of the special things about Baylor is we have managed to keep a traditional library where we work with students on reading and finding books, but it’s not a quiet or silent library,” says Callihan. “We want people to walk in and immediately feel welcome, to feel like they have a place to sit and read, to ask questions, and to feel like they have a rapport with our staff. I can’t tell you how many book conversations or recommendations start with us just asking them how their day is going.”

Navigating the World Through Research

A considerable amount of exploration is involved in Baylor’s classrooms, which puts reference and instruction librarian Lee Howick in the perfect position to help students navigate deep dives into a variety of research topics. “My goal is for all of our students to be college level researchers before they leave high school,” he says. “Research is also an interesting way to learn. Rather than being told what the subject matter is, a student can really dig into topics.”  Another goal is to help students understand the purpose of databases and how to apply logic to find what they need, so they become expert fact checkers before they graduate. “Databases are harder to search than Google, and they have information that may not exist on the internet. The challenge today is there is so much information that is so easy to access online. Students have to figure out what are the most useful, accurate, and credible sources.”

Encouraging Reading in the Middle School

Even though it can be common for Middle School students to gradually lose interest in reading, Rhonda Sixto is not going to let it happen on her watch as Baylor’s reading librarian. “Young children have so much excitement about reading, but that can begin to wane when they get to those Middle School years,” says Sixto. “The programming that I do is designed to reignite that love of reading and to encourage them to continue reading throughout their lives.”

Hedges Library Hours

Library Hours
Monday - Thursday 7:30 a.m. - 10 p.m.
Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Sunday 6:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
267-8505 Ext. 358

The Library is closed during school vacations.  Please call for summer hours.

I feel so blessed to be at a school that prioritizes literacy, values great library programming, and sees what we do as being important to the overall well-being of our community.Rhonda Sixto

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Our Largest Classroom

A $1.5 million renovation of Baylor’s Hedges Library created a space for students and faculty to study, mingle, read, and relax as they enjoy expansive views of the river and surrounding mountains.


Plenty of Comfortable Spaces

Soft seating and wireless internet make the first floor space a comfortable area to meet with friends and work on class assignments.


The Community Living Room

The library is Baylor’s community living room for the 200 boarding students who use the space at night and for faculty families who live on campus.


Navigating Online Resources & Research

Reference and instruction librarian Lee Howick helps students navigate the world of research.


Visiting Authors

Students have the opportunity to meet with visiting authors throughout the year to learn more about the art (and effort) of writing. 


Hogwarts After Dark

Special programming such as the annual Hogwarts After Dark event encourages reading and helps students to engage with the library staff.


There’s Always Outside

Just outside the library entrance is an overlook with breathtaking views of Williams Island, surrounding mountains, and the Tennessee River.