Global Scholars Program

Graduate with the distinction of a Global Scholar.

Global Scholars is Baylor’s distinction for students who apply an international lens to their education by studying world languages, choosing globally focused courses, taking advantage of a diverse menu of travel opportunities, creating a digital portfolio, and completing a global capstone project. Learn more about travel opportunities for Baylor's Global Scholars here.

Baylor’s Global Scholars Program

From the sixth grade through graduation, Baylor demonstrates an extraordinary commitment to global scholarship by offering five world languages: Chinese, French, German, Latin, and Spanish – and a post AP Chinese course. Language fluency forms the foundation for our Global Scholars Program that includes other internationally-focused courses such as AP human geography and culminates with the completion of a digital portfolio. Baylor’s Global Scholars also have purposeful travel experiences through one of the many school-sponsored trips abroad, as well as exchange opportunities with our ten partnering international schools.

World Languages

Take 4+ years of Chinese, French, Spanish, Latin, or German.

World Travel

Participate in one of our many international travel programs or exchange programs.

International Curriculum

Choose from a variety of courses with global scholars designation.

Global Knowledge

Demonstrate your global competency and citizenship through your Global Scholars digital portfolio and capstone project.

Where in the world will Baylor lead you?

Global Scholars have tons of ways to go abroad. They’re hiking the Himalayas during Walkabout trips. Immersing themselves in language in places like France and Spain. Getting service experience in Jamaica. And swapping places with international students through exchange programs.

Leading across 6 continents.

(These are some of the places Baylor students have traveled - Antarctica, we're coming for you.)

South Africa



North America
Costa Rica

New Zealand

South America