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A Hub for the Humanities

The $14 million Scotty Probasco Academic Center is the new home for Upper School humanities classes. The building features wide hallways and spacious common areas designed to encourage interaction, and roomy classrooms and modern furniture that allow for flexibility in configuration, comfort, and usage. The technology is state-of-the-art, and spectacular vistas of the beautiful Baylor campus and surrounding Tennessee landscape seen through expansive windows provide further inspiration to the learning that takes place each day.

"When I first walked into the new Scotty Probasco Academic Center, I felt super grateful for such a beautiful campus and beautiful building. It shows how much students are valued in Baylor."
- Elisabeth Lau ’21


As one of three members of the English faculty selected to teach in experimental classrooms that feature movable furniture, Laura Howard can split her students into groups for a particular task, then roll back into a circle, depending on the nature of the class work. Howard can project grammar examples on one wall, and the entire class of 13 can show their work on the other walls. Howard says the space requires a different kind of planning now that she is utilizing three walls and a projector, but she believes the space helps keep students more active and more engaged. “A teacher in this kind of space can’t be intimidated by technology or letting students take the lead. One of the reasons it works for me is that I love new ways to approach learning.”