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Elective Opportunities

Fly Fishing English Elective

While teaching the novel A River Runs Through It, English Instructor Ashlee O'Steen '00 (pictured above) takes students outside of the classroom to the banks of the Tennessee River -- which conveniently flows along the edge of Baylor's campus.  The semester-long Wilderness Literature elective is part of the English IV offerings.  

Upper School Electives Overview

Baylor offers a wide variety of elective courses that allows students the flexibility to choose classes that match their specific interests and passions, or to explore new subjects that help broaden their horizons.  Other students may be interested in specializing in specific areas of study, and our elective options enable them to develop greater depth and expertise in particular subjects. Whatever type of student you are (or may yet become), our faculty and advisors will guide you through the many available options.

Elective Course Study

Middle School Academic Enrichment

Because Baylor Middle School students must complete year-long requirements in English, History, Math, Science, World Languages, and Fine Arts, electives are found within the Fine Arts offerings and further exploration is found through an array of enrichment opportunities. 

In Fine Arts, sixth grade students complete a survey comprised of each discipline within the department. In the seventh and eighth grades, students choose either between a year-long fine arts course (choir, band, or orchestra) or a combination of paired semester-long electives (Dance-Drama or Studio-Design).  In World Languages, sixth graders sample all five language offerings (Chinese, French, German, Latin, and Spanish) before settling on two years of study in a specific language in the seventh and eighth grade. 

Many Baylor Middle Schoolers choose to take advantage of academic enrichment opportunities such as Middle School Robotics and Engineering, Electric Car Racing, Math Counts, Middle School Youth in Government, the Middle School play, after school Studio Arts and after school Dance, and the Spelling Bee.