Baylor helped me learn what being a leader meant. A good leader must have a clear mind on how to lead, be convincing, kind and combine great ideas, and practice them.

Zoey Zhang '14

Zoey was lucky to receive the opportunity to explore her passions. As a boarding student from Shanghai, she feels grateful that she got the opportunity to explore American culture in a welcoming community. She enjoyed AP English language where she improved her reading and writing skills. She also liked contemporary literature where she gets to explore everything from Zombie novels to A Visit From the Goon Squad and she was happy to find a school that offered German.

Before Zoey came to Baylor, she played the accordion, guitar and piano. When she came here she felt encouraged to begin exploring percussion. Since then she learned all sorts of percussion instruments and the viola. She found her true passion, however, in the timpani. She hopes to continue studying percussion in college in order to someday play in a symphony or orchestra. "Plus," she says, "the band (and orchestra) people are the coolest, nicest most easy-going people on campus."


  • Zoey helps during leadership classes as a Teacher's assistant.
  • Zoey loves working with the freshman class and volunteered as a Freshman Trip Instructor, an annual overnight to Camp Alpine in Mentone, Alabama.
  • She participates in Model UN club and traveled to San Francisco where she learned about international government.
  • In Raiders Against Prejudice, Zoey combats discrimination with a club devoted to promoting tolerance at Baylor.
  • As a cheerleader, Zoey leads excited Baylor fans during basketball games.