Leadership is setting a good example for your peers and doing the right thing when no one is watching. When you set a good example people will follow you.

John Carlson '16

John Carlson and his twin sister, Grace, like attending a co-ed school together. John knows Baylor gives him the peer group he needs, with a similar will to accomplish. He appreciates the Baylor faculty and how much they want to help. He appreciates challenging classes like chemistry and world history.

Outside of school, John recently became an Eagle Scout along with two other Baylor students. In order to do this, he raised $24,000 to create outdoor stations of the cross as his project, incorporating his religious beliefs in a culmination of five years of scouts.


  • In Red Circle, John helps set a good example and provide information to prospective students.
  • In Business Club, John explores business ideas with Ms. Wilson.
  • John was elected to Student Council where he works to create improved learning and a better physical environment.
  • In cross country and track John leads races, making third time all league and racing varsity since freshman year.