Become a Tutor

The best way to learn is to teach! If you feel like giving back to the Baylor community while gaining confidence within your subject area, then you should apply to become a tutor in The Learning Center!

Learning Center tutors help students:

  • Understand assignments
  • Use resources
  • Develop ideas
  • Organize thoughts

Learning Center tutors are:

  • Students who are sophomores, juniors, and seniors
  • Students who enjoy supporting fellow students through weekly appointments
  • Students with at least a B-average in the courses they are tutoring

As a Learning Center tutor you need to:

  • Be respectful of all tutees
  • Hold sessions and meetings in confidence
  • Conscientiously show up for tutoring sessions, arriving on time and maintaining your commitment to a tutee
  • Prepare as necessary for tutoring
  • Make a commitment to tutor for the entire school year
  • Follow the Baylor Honor Code

If you want to be a Leaning Center tutor:

Contact Jennifer Averbeck ( and express your interest. In this e-mail include your name, grade, subject areas of interest, and why you think that you would be a good addition to TLC.


"I was definitely skeptical about becoming a writing center tutor because I felt like I didn't know enough to actually teach someone else about how to write better. The training sessions definitely helped boost my confidence, and when I began to work with my peers, I felt really good about it. You don't have to know everything, and you are not expected to! I had to just remember that I'm working with a friend who understands that I am not perfect. Being a writing center tutor has greatly improved my self-confidence and also confidence in my writing. Most likely, I will continue being a writing center tutor in college, because it has been such a rewarding experience for me."

- A former tutor