Technology Enhanced Learning

Empowering all Students with iPads

In 2012 Baylor led the way by requiring all students and teachers to have an iPad. Following best practices in 21st century teaching with technology, faculty had a year to prepare before integrating the use of iPads into their lesson plans and teaching. Students now use iPads to organize their work, create iMovies, study skies with star map apps, and examine Shakespeare collections.

Below are just a few examples of how Baylor faculty and students use technology every day:

  • A 20-station Mac lab for photography and digital design supports student learning in art classes. Students in Media Arts classes use Adobe’s creative suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign), and AP art students keep a portfolio of their work on an art blog.
  • Library databases support a wide range of research, and students use the school’s computers or their own iPads for research and writing.
  • Many teachers incorporate blogs, wikis, and Moodle forums into the curriculum.
  • The language department puts the internet to good use every day. Whether students are listening to the news from Paris or Berlin, are visiting a classroom in Beijing or the Coliseum in Rome, or are taking a tour of the Prado in Madrid, they are listening to and responding to authentic language.
  • Graphing calculators are powerful tools for the math department. In addition, geometry teachers use the software program "Geometer's Sketchpad" to enhance the understanding of geometrical concepts. Math instructors also use a Smart document camera, Airliners (interactive boards in student hands to complement the SmartBoards), Texas Instruments CBL's (calculator-based laboratories) and Vernier probes and sensors.
  • The science department's $15 million endowment ensures that our instructional and laboratory equipment keeps pace with the best science programs in the country. Science classes use VernierLabQuest hand-held computers and laboratory sensors, digital video microscopes, and LEGO Mindstorm robots.
  • Social Studies teachers routinely use classroom projectors in their daily instruction—to view websites, display student work, view PowerPoint presentations, and watch DVDs.


Because Baylor was a leader in offering Chinese as a language choice in 2007, we are now the only school in the tri-state area to offer AP Chinese, and we recently became the only high school in the region to offer a 500-level post AP Chinese course.