We can all change the world by first changing our outlook on life.

Terrance Ferguson '13

Real-World Philanthropy:

Students like Terrence Ferguson ’13 have the option to put philanthropy into real-world practice through a grant-writing program. They begin by identify specific needs at service locations, then they research, write, and present their grant proposals before a panel of administrators. If the grants are approved, the student’s vision is brought to life in the local community.

"Selflessly serving others while laying down preconceived stereotypes or beliefs is what the community service program is all about. We can all change the world by first changing our outlook on life," says Ferguson, as he reflects on his four years of community service at Baylor.


  • Community Service is voluntary for students in grades 6-12.
  • It is the largest non-athletic afternoon activity in Baylor’s Upper School.
  • Students tutor children at service sites throughout the Chattanooga area every day.
  • Service trips to New York City, Asheville, N.C., and Kingston, Jamaica are offered each year.
  • Each December, the community service program hosts a holiday party to reward children at site locations who have demonstrated a strong dedication to their homework and enrichment activities.