I’m grateful we have been inside the walls.

Austin Rehm '14

Each year, 10 students are selected for a spring break trip to Jamaica where they work in the squatter community of Ferry, the Marigold Orphanage in Kingston, and a Trench Town school in Kingston.

Reflecting on the ten days he spent working with children in Jamaica, Austin Rehm admits that the conditions were difficult yet the experience was profound. “I’m grateful we have been inside the walls,” Austin Rehm ’14


  • A second group of Jamaica trip alumni return each summer.
  • During fall and winter breaks, students travel to Asheville, N.C., where they live and work in a homeless shelter.
  • Seniors representing Baylor's community service's leadership council travel to New York City in October to teach classes in middle schools in Harlem.

A Baylor Alum Making a Difference
“One of the main reasons I got interested in working abroad was my experience in Jamaica [on the spring break community service trip] my senior year. It led me to think about what I wanted to do with my life.” - Veena Rangaswami ’00

After graduating from Rhodes College, Veena lived in Bangalore, India, where she was the program manager of Peace Child India, an organization that has been working with young people from disadvantaged communities since 2001. “My goal is to work for UNICEF, the Gates Foundation, or the Clinton Foundation.”