Innovative Curriculum

Exploring the world through coursework is one way to prepare students for living and working in the global society of the 21st Century. Using the iPad as a teaching and learning tool is another. But the iPad initiative is only one of many ways that Baylor has always found to be innovative within its traditional framework -- listed here are just a few examples:

  • Taking the lead in the effective use of technology in the classroom, Baylor now requires all students to have an iPad. A wide array of apps offers new and creative ways to deliver content.
  • Since 2010, all Baylor students have the option to take Chinese in the Middle School and continue through the Upper School.
  • In addition to giving students an insightful overview of world history, Baylor’s social studies department offers intriguing electives such as Civil Rights, Cold War, History of American Law, and Contemporary Africa.
  • Baylor seniors can choose from several world literature semester electives such as Literature of Medicine, Literary Voices of Equality, or Travel Literature.
  • In the Baylor Middle School, “Research and Communication” and “Issues and Solutions” are collaborative experiences leading students to explore solutions for complex problems while developing skills in communication, technology, information literacy, and creativity.
  • Sixth grade students learn about ancient and contemporary China in humanities classes. In a seventh grade geography class, students examine the physical and human aspects of the world’s major regions and how they are interconnected. Eighth graders explore the complex role of energy in a global society in their physical science class.
  • Hedges Library, “Baylor’s largest classroom,” recently underwent a $1.5 million renovation. Improvements kept the academic focus of the library while adding modern aesthetics like soft seating and comfortable computer tables, drawing students of all grade levels and strengthening their connection with the library.
  • Along with moving away from the military and moving toward a more diverse student body, Baylor’s decision for co-education may be the school’s most innovative move, a commitment that continues to break long-held classroom stereotypes.
  • One of the nation’s most innovatively unique educational opportunities, the Walkabout program highlight’s Baylor’s commitment to the outdoors and to experiential learning. In fact, the last week of the senior year is spent in the mountains of South Carolina, with the entire class sharing the wonder of a wilderness adventure instead of taking final exams. When the trip began in the early 70s, it was a radical move. It still is.


"My daily challenges are to make learning make sense and to make teaching transparent. As an "old-school" Baylor alumnus, a current parent, and a grade six teacher, I have a triple responsibility for community building, not only to build a learning community in my classroom among each new cadre of students, but also to nurture a sense within each student that he or she is a part of a larger phenomenon – the other students currently on the campus, as well as a "long red line" of Baylor students and alumni stretching back over a century..."

Ward Fleissner,
Middle School Teacher