Experiential Learning

The idea of extending the borders of the traditional classroom is deeply entrenched at Baylor. From a class lesson at our on-campus solar farm to Walkabout's lessons of the great outdoors, Baylor's experiential opportunities are an important part of our overall academic program.

Some examples include:

  • Baylor maintains academic relationships with dozens of Chattanooga organizations. Examples include an aquatic summer camp with the Tennessee Aquarium, funded by the National Science Foundation.
  • Science classes take advantage of an organic garden and solar farm located on campus.
  • The nearby Williams Island (a short boat trip from campus) offers hands-on learning in archaeology, ornithology, and environmental science.
  • Our global classroom includes art trips to Europe, Walkabout trips to India and Panama, and service trips to Jamaica.
  • A community service effort originated in 1979 is one of the few in the country to offer a grant-writing course through which students obtain funding for special programs for the children they tutor throughout the city.
  • Middle School student adviser groups participate in community service projects at the Chattanooga Area Food Bank throughout the year.
  • Our outdoor program (Walkabout) began in 1975 and is highly regarded nationwide.
  • On the annual Freshman Trip guides the entire class through two days and nights of outdoor activities and the opportunity to relax together.
  • Seniors spend the last six days of their Baylor careers on a wilderness adventure instead of taking final exams. When the trip began in the early 1970s it was radical (it still is).
  • Students in Form and Function class are introduced to woodworking by contracting building projects for the Baylor community.
  • Students in advanced acting classes practice "One-Acts" in the quad -- a series of self-directed plays that are eventually presented in the Roddy Theatre.

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A 200-kilowatt solar power array installed on Baylor’s campus began generating power in April, providing a savings in energy costs while giving students a real life laboratory in which to study sustainable energy.


"As a parent, I've seen how Walkabout and Community Service have given my kids an added perspective that's difficult to get in other environments. They're learning a compassion for others, an understanding of how dependent we are upon each other as a society, and an appreciation for the world we've been given. At the heart of these experiential education programs are faculty who continually give the very best of what Baylor has to offer: their time, experience, knowledge, and passion for teaching."

Dr. Chris Moore '68, Baylor parent and alumnus