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Leading Programs

Being born to lead does not guarantee that one will. The potential has to be developed and nurtured, that is what the entire Baylor educational experience does. In addition to our college preparatory curriculum, we also offer the following programs that keep us in the lead among independent schools in the U.S.

International Travel

Hiking the Himalayas, kayaking in Panama, working in orphanages in Jamaica, traveling to Europe with an art or language class, and semester exchanges with schools in South Africa, Spain, and Australia….these are just a few of the international travel opportunities that our students take advantage of each year. Click on the map below to explore the world through the eyes of Baylor teachers and students!


Honor Code

Dating back to 1916, the Baylor Honor Code provides a structure within which students come to appreciate honesty, mutual respect, and their word as their bond. As that understanding turns into practice, those values form a foundation of trust, independence, and responsibility from which Baylor students have launched careers with the U.N., won the Pulitzer Prize for Journalism, developed life-saving cardiac diagnostics, and advanced the Human Genome Project.


True knowledge comes from putting every part of your brain to work. That’s why we are huge believers in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math). Here, it’s not just a buzzword; STEAM is a real approach to thinking, making, and doing. The Weeks Science Building is supported with a $15 million endowment to ensure the most advanced program possible. And faculty members, like Dr. Dawn Richards, Dr. Mary Loveless, and Dr. Elizabeth Forrester, are experts in their own fields of study, leading the way in developing curriculum and programs that will inspire the next generation of research scientists. Click here for more on STEAM.


Walkabout is Baylor's nationally recognized outdoor program, and is open to all students in grades 6-12. Students involved in Walkabout have the opportunity to rock climb, kayak, or trail run as part of their athletic requirement. A variety of outdoor trips are offered each weekend and during school breaks. Click here for more on Walkabout.

Community Service

After a full day of classes, more than 100 Baylor student volunteers travel to various sites in Chattanooga to tutor over 300 children through homework assignments, reading programs, computer classes, music lessons, language classes, drama classes, and art programs. The members contribute over 40,000 hours of service annually. Students also travel annually to Asheville, NC, Jamaica, and New York City. Click here to read more about community service.

Harris-Stanford Honors Program

The Harris-Stanford Honors Program gives some of Baylor's highest-achieving scholars uncommon opportunities like discussing public policy with Tennessee state officials during a behind-the-scenes visit to the capitol in Nashville, or discussing the merits of civic service of the Institute for the Public Trust in Charlotte. Click here for more on the Stanford-Harris program.

Global Scholars

Global Scholar is a distinction for Baylor students who apply an international lens to their education by studying world languages, taking globally-focused courses, participating in activities like Model U.N., and conducting Senior Global Capstone Portfolios. Baylor is a member school of the Global Education Benchmark Group, a consortium of independent school that identifies best practices in global education and promotes the development of global citizens in independent schools. Click here for more on the Global Scholars program.

Required After School Activities

Every Baylor student is required to participate in an after school activity. Among the choices are community service, athletics, Walkabout (our nationally recognized outdoor program) theatre, dance, and organic gardening.

Superior Athletics

Baylor student-athletes are offered 17 sports, we field 74 teams in grades 6-12, our facilities rival those of many colleges, and, at the varsity level, we've won nearly twice as many state championships than any other school in Tennessee. Click here for more on Baylor athletics.

Thriving Fine Arts Program

Theatre, chorus, band, orchestra, dance, painting, drawing, sculpture, pottery, digital design and photography are all offered at Baylor and the school calendar is packed each year with performances, concerts, exhibits, and special trips. We are also fortunate to welcome to campus throughout the year authors, choreographers, dancers, musicians, poets, and artists from all disciplines as visiting artists and guest lecturers, and our choir was named 2016 Grand National Champions at OrlandoFest national festival and are perennially ranked superior at statewide festivals and competitions.


Baylor teams have produced more than 70 state championships in the past 15 years (over 110 in all) and was named a "Top 25" program in the nation by Sports Illustrated.