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Campus 360

Welcome to Baylor 360, where you can explore locations on Baylor's amazing campus in stunning 360 views and take an immersive tour inside our new $15 million Scotty Probasco Academic Center. Use QUICK LINKS to quickly jump to your favorite locations!

  • Tablet, Phone, and Desktop viewing work great - just point to where you want to go, or drag to spin 360 at any location.
  • Navigation Help Screen is available here.
  • Occulus VR headset - works great but you will not be able to access from the Occulus app. Instead, open this page in Occulus web browser and point and click below.
  • Google cardboard-type glasses not recommended

Some Favorite Places

Academic Facilities

Fine Arts Facilities

Athletic Facilities

Student Life


The Scotty Probasco Academic Center

About the Scotty Probasco Academic Center

The $14 million Scotty Probasco Academic Center opened in September 2018 as the new hub for English and history classes. The wide and open hallways, expansive windows in every classroom, the spacious common areas, and even the balconies invite students and faculty to interact. The roomy classrooms and the modern furniture allow for flexibility in configuration, comfort, and usage. The technology is state-of-the-art, but no more inspiring than the spectacular vistas of the beautiful Baylor campus and surrounding Tennessee landscape seen from every angle.

Ireland Stairs, Bullard Family Quadrangle, Outdoor Dining Deck

The Heart of Campus Transformed

The newly constructed Ireland Stairs provide a new grand entrance to the heart of Baylor’s campus. The stairs bring you between Alumni Chapel and the new Scotty Probasco Academic Center and into the Bullard Family Quadrangle, newly renovated in 2018. The “quad” has been transformed from an asphalt pathway into a wonderfully welcoming green space. Just off the quad is another outdoor space, the Stanley Lewis Outdoor Dining Deck, adjacent to Guerry Dining Hall. The dining deck was completed in 2016.