Patrick Lawless '93: Founder, President & CEO of Biological Prospects

When Patrick Lawless '93 discusses his alma mater, he tells people that attending Baylor was the most formative experience he has had in his educational and professional career. "I learned that with dedication, perseverance, and optimism, anything is possible," said the founder, president & CEO of Biological Prospects, a high-tech company that produces a line of nutraceutical supplements for the equine industry. "I enjoy the opportunity to improve the health and welfare of animals, particularly as they reach their senior years and can begin to experience declining health."

When he is not working, Lawless loves being outdoors. A cyclist, he appreciates the beautiful countryside around Lexington. He also enjoys its proximity to Red River Gorge. "My most vivid memory at Baylor was learning how to kayak from Ron Stewart. Kayaking is a passion that I have continued to enjoy in my adult life."

Heather Ott and Coach Bill Cox are the other Baylor adults who most influenced Lawless. "I was very inspired by the knowledge and perspective of many of the teachers I was exposed to at Baylor." While Lawless does not remember taking life science courses at Baylor, he says that the school played a key role in the success of his business in Lexington. "Baylor did provide me with the work ethic and fortitude necessary to start and grow a new business during a challenging economic period."

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