Michael Johnson '02: Director, TechMah; Founder, TechMah Medical

Michael Johnson ’02 was always drawn to technology and problem solving, but credits Baylor as an important influence on his career.

“Baylor helped me identify my interests and establish an expectation of success needed to meet challenges along the way,” he says. “Dr. (Dan) Kennedy was a master at getting his students to solve new math problems, not only those seen in the lessons – a critical skill for any engineer or scientist. And I’ll always remember Dr. (Scott) Dering plotting ‘personal integrity’ as a function of time on his whiteboard in physics class – a lesson I strive to incorporate in my daily decision making.”

With a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering, Michael serves as the director of TechMah and founder of TechMah Medical, creators of technologies that enhance medical fields such as 3D reconstruction, computer-aided surgery, and implant design. “While pure research ensures we are keeping up with current trends, most of our time is spent creating new medical devices that incorporate our technology, including sensors, software, and new surgical instruments,” he explains. ”There will likely always be a demand for individuals who can take an idea and turn it into tangible good. That’s engineering in its simplest form.”