Lori Hall ’98, Senior Vice President at TV One

Lori Hall ’98 earned a degree in communications from Northwestern University before enrolling in law school at Vanderbilt, where she finished only one semester before deciding law was not for her.

“I knew I was smart enough to go and finish law school, but just because you’re smart enough to do something doesn’t mean that’s your passion or your purpose,” Hall said in a recent Noire magazine feature. “I quit something that I didn’t love to go and do something I loved. That thing for me is TV and film.”

Several climbs up the career ladder that included jobs at Bravo, Turner Broadcasting, and UP TV, Hall was named senior vice president of marketing and creative services at TV One, a cable and television network headquartered in Silver Spring, Md. At TV One, she develops and executes the network’s marketing initiatives including advertising, branding, and social media outreach.

“The creativity of TV and film excites me because there are no limits to the stories you can tell or the characters you can create,” says Hall. “TV One presented me with the opportunity to share stories that reflect black culture and the power and layers within it. It’s a culture I know and am proud of, and I believe in showcasing it the right way – with our greatness and our flaws and not just drama. It’s important that we have balance in the stories that are told and how they are told. I want to keep our culture strong and move it forward with everything I do.”

Although she’s quick to call her position at TV One an amazing job, she balks at referring to it as her dream job. “I’m not sure I believe in a ‘dream job’ because my dreams change as I grow as a person,” she says. “I have lots of dreams, and I plan to accomplish them all -- it’s just a matter of when!”