Jeff Tarumianz '92: If I Could Leave One Book

Entrepreneur and author Jeff Tarumianz ‘92 has released his first book, If I Could Leave One Book: Reflections Cultivating Peace of Mind. Written for his two children, ages 12 and 10, the book promises to become a best-seller in the wellness space, offering readers 152 pages of self-reflective wisdom, distilled into bite-sized, easy-to-digest passages.

Tarumianz began writing If I Could Leave One Book with the intent of recording for his children the most meaningful lessons he had learned during an intensive, decade-plus quest for emotional and spiritual health. While accepting that he could not prevent his children from experiencing pain in their own lives, Jeff’s hope in writing was that his wisdom could equip them both to face their own challenges and difficulties with strength, grace, and understanding.

As the book took shape, Jeff realized the value it could hold for a broader audience.“Over the years, in my own search for emotional and spiritual health, I’ve learned much about what it takes to live a truly peaceful and joyful life,” said Jeff. “Beyond sharing this acquired wisdom with my children, my hope for If I Could Leave One Book is that it will touch the lives of others who might be on a similar quest for deeper fulfillment and personal joy.”

Readers are encouraged to reflect on each passage, considering how the wisdom contained within might have relevance to their own lives. Themes found throughout the book include acceptance, control, empathy, fear, grief, peace of mind, and serenity, among many others.

If I Could Leave One Book retails for $19.99 and is available nationwide on Amazon.