Ian Huckabee ’80: Fortune 500 E-Learning

Weejee Learning co-founder and CEO Ian Huckabee ’80 is on a mission to rid the world of ho-hum learning. Since opening its doors in 2010, Weejee has grown to become a global provider of custom interactive and fun e-learning solutions for Fortune 500 companies, NGOs, associations, and nonprofits; and the company has won industry recognition for its excellence in e-learning by CLO Magazine and the eLearning Guild.

Ian, a former Baylor boarding student and UNC-Chapel Hill graduate, spent 14 years in New York City, where he served as the vice president of audio operations and marketing for Sony Music Entertainment. His passion for technology, business innovation and teaching others led him to form Weejee, which he started with a business partner.

“It’s not fun for fun’s sake. It’s fun for learning’s sake,” says Huckabee, when speaking of Weejee’s unique brand of learning. “When I was at Baylor, the biggest ‘aha’ moments in the classroom came during moments of fun – dodging Harry Dog’s [David Harris] eraser or playing war games with Dr. [John] McBride. We’re enjoying building moments like these into our e-learning projects.”

Ian specializes in transforming the complicated and boring into the simple-to-understand and exciting. “The science supports the idea that fun makes learning more effective, and we’ve taken that to a whole new level, removing boredom and contextualizing learning in the workplace. And we’re now looking at ways we can apply what we do to address the skills gap by increasing the preparedness of those who unfortunately are not in the workplace.”

To learn more about Huckabee and Weejee, visit www.weejee.com.

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