Dr. Julianne Walden Creech '92: Veterinarian

Dr. Julianne Walden Creech '92 is a small animal veterinarian in a city of people who share her affection for four-legged beings. "I thought I got into veterinary medicine because I love animals and science," said Dr. Creech about her work. "It's comes as a surprise to me that I most enjoy making connections to people, earning their trust, and helping them solve problems."

Creech's approach to problem solving comes directly from what she learned at Baylor School. "Being perfect is not a real option for anybody," she says repeating one important lesson. Through rock climbing, Creech was also exposed to a methodical way of tackling problems. "Perry Key '81 was my advisor junior and senior years but also a great friend and rock climbing mentor. He was always good to make me laugh or help me see the reality of a situation when I needed it.

"Climbing led me to some wonderful trips, formed the basis of many friendships, and showed me that I can learn to do something that seemed impossible at first. It was a great confidence booster that carried over into many areas of my life."

Some of Creech's more vivid on-campus memories took place in Coach Jim Morgan's chemistry labs. "The day he blew the front of a lab drawer off with dry ice in a soda bottle was fabulous! I just love his sense of humor and his ability to make science fun."

Creech, a Baylor boarder from Versailles, Ky., just outside of Lexington, has lived back in Versailles since 2006 after attending college and veterinary school and working in Ohio for ten years. "Lexington is a great city, but I'm more of a country girl at heart." She finds "the rolling green hills surrounding it" to be the city's best attribute.

Creech and her husband, John, have a three-year-old daughter, Mason.

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