Dan Pride '87: CEO, Darley in America

Dan Pride '87 grew up with horses in Nashville and loved being around them. "It was the origin of the addiction," he says only half-jokingly. But it took some time—and jobs in other fields— for Pride to find his way to Lexington and his current career as chief operating officer of Darley in America, a thoroughbred breeding operation owned by Sheikh Mohammed of Dubai.

Before succumbing full time to his horse addiction, Pride worked at the Hammond School in Columbia, S.C. He taught and coached before taking over from Scott Wilson '75 as Upper School head when Wilson left to head Valwood School. In 1999 Pride and his wife, also an educator, left for Lexington where Pride took an entry level position as a groom at Airdrie Stud. That began a series of jobs, each with progressively more responsibility in auction sales.

"Lexington is a special place. The natural beauty and the horse farms create a park-like feel around the city," said Pride. "It reminds me of Chattanooga." Pride also notes that the horse business attracts people from all over the world, which gives the city a broad prospective and a cosmopolitan feel.

Pride has found his place in Lexington, but he hasn't forgotten Baylor. He names as his mentors, "Jimmy Duke and Dr. Barks because of how they treated people. "They showed respect to everyone and tried to deal with everyone fairly. I definitely learned that from them and try to make that part of my life. My wife is still in education, and I miss education. Being a member of Baylor board is an unbelievable honor and a way to stay connected."

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