Caroline Hensley Doster '09: Process Development and Technology Transfer, Chattem

Caroline Hensley Doster ’09 excelled in math and science at Baylor and later at the University of Alabama, where she graduated summa cum laude. “Since I had interest in design and problem solving,” she remembers, “engineering seemed like a natural fit.” Now, as a chemical engineer managing the Process Development and Technology Transfer Department at Chattem in Chattanooga, Caroline is involved in all stages of the production cycle and ensures that Chattem products are safe and effective.

Increasing efficiency and ensuring quality while trying to reduce costs are critical to success in Caroline’s business, and she credits Baylor with her preparation. “Staying ahead of industry trends and competition requires continuous learning and refining of current processes and systems,” she explains. “The environment at Baylor fostered my desire for continued learning and promoted success. Baylor’s passion and encouragement inspired me to be a leader and prepared me for the challenges and opportunities in engineering.”