Antonio Frazier '06: Chief Metallurgist, SKF Group

Antonio Frazier ’06 played football while earning his engineering degree at Furman University, which is a significant accomplishment considering the time demands both programs imposed. A unique partnership with Clemson University allowed him to add another bachelor’s degree in materials engineering.

Currently, Antonio is in Baltimore, working as chief metallurgist in the aerospace division of SKF Group, overseeing the quality assurance laboratory that inspects various metals of products that show up in gas engines of all sizes.

Antonio didn’t have to look far for his inspiration to become an engineer. His mother, Delsa Frazier, who passed away before Antonio graduated from Baylor, was a metallurgist at TVA. The flame was fanned during Antonio’s high school years by a Baylor teacher who made a lasting impact. “When (retired science teacher) Scott Dering heard I was going to Furman,” Antonio says, “he sat me down and told me I needed to consider engineering. His was a day-to-day influence that really pushed me that way.”