Alison Lusk '10: Engineering Sales Contractor, Nalco Champion

The fact that her sister, Keely, was already in engineering school was a factor in Alison Lusk's ’10 decision to pursue a similar career, but she also remembers the influence of retired science instructor Scott Dering. “He was my adviser my senior year, and our many casual conversations about engineering sparked my interest in the field,” she says.

An All-American swimmer at Baylor, Alison combined a collegiate swimming career with the study of chemical engineering at Kansas University. She now works as an engineering sales contractor for Nalco Champion in Beaumont, Texas, offering support to and answering questions for the company’s customers in the oil refining industry.

“I think the new engineering design class at Baylor sounds awesome,” says Alison. “When I was at KU, I was involved in programs that encouraged high school students to think about engineering. There’s a real shortage of engineers in America, so sparking that interest at a young age is something that’s important to me.”