Adam Kinsey ’98: Steering Choo-Choo Transformation

A brand new Chattanooga Choo-Choo is emerging with Adam Kinsey ’98 at the helm of an $8 million revamp of the historic complex.

Kinsey was named president of the Choo Choo’s parent company, Choo Choo Partners, LP last spring. Prior to that, he was a driving force behind the development of the popular Track 29 concert venue that opened in the Choo-Choo’s former ice skating arena in 2011.

He is also the son of Jon Kinsey ’72, a former Baylor Board of Trustees chairman, a local developer, and former Chattanooga mayor who was instrumental in many of the projects that transformed the riverfront and downtown areas in the last three decades. Now, it’s Adam’s turn to transform a strategic corner of downtown, which first opened as a train terminal in 1909 and was restored into a hotel in 1973. “In addition to the families that Chattanooga is now attracting, it will have tremendous appeal to the Millennials Chattanooga wants, and needs,” said Adam.

The transformation includes...

  • Building the Choo-Choo storefronts out toward the street and neighborhood to draw people in.
  • Investing nearly $2 million on a complete renovation of 95 hotel rooms inthe newly named MacArthur Building.
  • Kinsey describes the rooms as “modern yet traditional,” featuring a brand new style to the Choo Choo.
  • Passenger Flats apartment complex featuring 98 micro-apartments geared towards young entrepreneurs and
  • Millennials who want to be in the middle of the action and the restaurant service industry. The units feature gigabit wifi internet access and a large resort style pool and clubhouse area.
  • STIR restaurant, which opened in November and is owned by Allen Corey ’74 with Fletcher Thompson ’02 serving as general manager, features artisan ice, craft cocktails, and delicious lunch and dinner menus. The space also includes outdoor seating and a private room for party and event rentals.
  • The 30-year-old Comedy Catch has moved from Brainerd Road and re-opened in September with 250 seats, a separate bar called Backstage, and a diverse schedule of featured entertainment.
  • The Revelry Room, located next to the Comedy Catch, is a new 500-person music venue that will feature a mix of country, Southern rock, Indie and world-class bluegrass.
  • Track 29 will move closer to Market Street from its current location. Kinsey says construction will begin in early 2016.
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