Headmaster Scott Wilson '75

If you are visiting this website you are likely a few steps closer in making a major decision on where you might continue your education. Choosing a school is also one of the most important investments you will ever make, and I hope that I can play some role in providing insights on the unique aspects of Baylor.

There is no question that the academic, athletic, and civic achievements of our students are inspiring. Yet there is another side to Baylor that is profoundly human and real. We are a family of students, teachers, parents, alumni, grandparents and friends who share a unique bond that transcends description. I know, because I was blessed to attend Baylor and now my children enjoy that same privilege. Along with thousands of others we can say with the greatest conviction that we love Baylor.

I invite you to learn more about us not only through our website, but with a personal visit to our beautiful campus. See for yourself how students and faculty interact with one another. Watch a play rehearsal or dance recital, cheer on our athletes, or join others in our outdoor program on some of the best hiking trails you’ll find anywhere. Browse the library and computer labs, visit the classrooms and dorms, and have some fun in our student center. I know that you will discover that Baylor is a truly special place.

We live in unique and challenging times. As you pursue personal success, the importance of a great education has never been more obvious or more necessary. If you want to find the best in yourself, fulfill your dreams, and apply your talents to make a positive difference in the world – then you have found your school.

We look forward to meeting you soon on our campus.

Scott Wilson '75

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