A Family Legacy of Philanthropy
Picture above are Sherryl, Dee '18, and Gerald Appleberry

When Gerald and Sherryl Appleberry enrolled their son Dee ’18 in Baylor’s sixth grade in the fall of 2011, they knew he was beginning an important time in his life. They also believed that their investment in Dee’s future should include more than tuition payments, so they immediately became involved with The Baylor Fund.

“We knew from our very first visit to campus that Baylor was a special place,” remembers Sherryl. “We were excited about the educational, social, and cultural opportunities that we knew would help Dee become a well-rounded individual. We also knew that gifts to The Baylor Fund are critical in supporting Baylor’s unrivaled curriculum, retaining professional staff, and maintaining the facilities that make attending Baylor such an amazing opportunity.”

Eleven years later, despite Dee earning a finance degree at the University of Tennessee and no Appleberry children enrolled at Baylor, the family continues to give to The Baylor Fund. “We truly believe that to whom much is given, much is required,” continues Sherryl. “We have fond memories of band concerts, tailgating, and road trips for football and soccer games. It is our duty and pleasure to make meaningful, albeit small, contributions to a place that means so much to us.”

The family legacy of philanthropy has been passed on as Dee, still in his final year of college, has joined his parents as a donor to The Baylor Fund. “We’ve always encouraged Dee to be a generous and cheerful giver of his time, talent, and treasure. In doing so, he has gained a deeper sense of empathy and purpose,” Sherryl says. “Dee understands how valuable a Baylor education is. His Baylor experiences have contributed to his growth into adulthood. He takes pride in knowing that his gift helps provide the same opportunities for others, and he hopes his giving will encourage his peers to do the same.” 



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