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The following general comments concerning the various benefits and programs offered by the school are for introductory purposes only. If you are employed as a full-time employee of the school, the business office will provide you with detailed benefit plan descriptions and other necessary information. We are also eager to respond to further questions you may have about our benefits package. For information, contact Human Resources at (423) 267-8506, ext. 258.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers’ compensation covers employee injuries sustained in the performance of school duties. The insurance covers 100% of the injury related medical expenses in addition to weekly compensation for uncompensated time lost from work. The school pays 100% of the premium for this insurance and all employees are automatically covered

Life Insurance

Term life insurance coverage is two times your annual base salary or wage rounded to the next highest thousand. All full-time employees are automatically covered and the school pays 100% of the premium. Optional limited dependent life insurance coverage is also available.. The school does not participate in the cost of dependent life insurance coverage.


Baylor’s disability program provides continuing financial support to an employee who becomes totally disabled from most causes other than a work-related injury covered by workers’ compensation. All full-time employees automatically become participants in our disability program, with the school covering 100% of the program’s associated costs. The school's disability program is in two phases: short-term and long-term disability.

Short-Term Disability

The first six months of total disability is covered by Baylor’s salary continuation policy. Under this policy, the disabled employee continues to receive normal base compensation for up to six months. If the duration of the disability exceeds six months, it becomes a long-term disability claim.

Long-Term Disability

Total disability in excess of six months is a long-term disability claim covered by an insurance policy. Benefits commence with the seventh month of total disability and are paid at 60% of the employee's base salary/wage (maximum of $5,000 per month) reduced by any other applicable benefit offsets.

Group Medical Insurance

Baylor offers full-time employees an HSA compatible medical plan through United HealthCare. For 2023, the employee cost is:
Employee Only - $269.49 per month
Employee + Spouse - $565.52 per month
Employee + Child(ren) - $492.86 per month
Employee + Family - $817.14 per month

Baylor Health Center

The Baylor Health Center is conveniently located on campus and is available to employees and their families with an appointment. On-site medical visits, physical exams, some vaccinations, and dispensing of select prescription medications are all part of the services available.

Dental Insurance

Baylor also offers an optional dental insurance plan. The school contributes a portion of the premium. For 2023, employee costs are:
Employee Only - $30.72 per month
Employee + Spouse - $64.47 per month
Employee + Child(ren) - $51.42 per month
Employee + Family - $99.74 per month

Vision Insurance

Baylor offers an option non-contributory vision plan. For 2023, premium costs are:
Employee Only - $5.75 per month
Employee + Spouse - $11.29 per month
Employee + Child(ren) - $11.84 per month
Employee + Family - $16.81 per month

AFLAC Products

Baylor offers optional insurance plans through AFLAC. The school does not currently participate in the cost of this program

Health Savings Account

Baylor has established a Health Savings Account plan through Health Equity. Employees participating in the BlueCross BlueShield health plan are encouraged to contribute to an HSA. Contributions may be made through payroll deduction on a pre-tax bases. IRS limits apply.

Cafeteria Plan

Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code enables certain types of institutions, such as Baylor, to treat insurance premiums, unreimbursed medical costs and dependent care costs as a pre-tax deduction from pay rather than a post-tax deduction, thus saving both the federal income tax and social security tax that would otherwise apply.

Pension Plan

The school’s pension plan is a 403(b) defined contribution plan through TIAA-CREF. The school contributes 5% of gross compensation on all participants. In addition, the school will match an optional contribution made by the participant of 3% (effective 7/1/97), bringing the total combined contribution to 11%. Although the school limits its matching to 3%, the participant does have the option of contributing more than the 3% as long as IRS limits are not exceeded. If interested in a higher contribution, ask the business office for information. A participant’s contribution is pre-tax, meaning that gross pay for the pay period is reduced by the contribution prior to calculation of federal tax.

A one year waiting period will apply for participation in the school’s pension plan unless the employee has been at a similar institution. Full-time employees do have the option of participating in the supplemental portion of the plan during the one year waiting period.

Annuity Plans

Baylor has an optional 403(b) tax-deferred annuity program available through Lincoln National Life Insurance Co. It is a supplemental retirement program handled on a monthly payroll deduction basis. The amount withheld from payroll is a pre-tax withholding, meaning the gross compensation for the pay period is reduced by the annuity withholding prior to calculation of federal income tax. Baylor makes no contribution to this program.

Blood Bank

Baylor is a member of a local blood bank, Blood Assurance. All employees and their dependents are assured of access to blood in a time of need. The blood is free, but the cost to administer the blood is not. All employees are encouraged to donate.

Credit Union

Membership in the Chattanooga Schools Area Federal Credit Union is an option available to all employees. The school allows payroll deduction as a means for members to make payments to the credit union.

Payroll Check Direct Deposit

Baylor School asks all employees to participate in direct deposit.

Computer Hardware-Software Purchase Plan

To encourage computer hardware/software use and ownership by our full-time employees, Baylor has an interest-free loan program restricted to the purchase of computer hardware and software.

Payroll Payment Dates

Baylor has a biweekly hourly payroll and a monthly salary payroll. Due to school breaks (Christmas, Spring, etc.) the school at times modifies payroll payment dates; however, generally, payroll payments dates for salary will be on the 25th of each month and on every other Friday for hourly employees. If the 25th of the month falls on a weekend or break, usually, the salary payroll is paid the last workday before the weekend or break.

Tuition Remission Policy

Eligible and qualified children of full-time faculty who gain admission to Baylor will receive a remission for 75% of the tuition (not including books, fees, and other related expenses). The family may apply for financial aid for assistance with the remaining 25% of tuition. The financial aid award will be based on the family’s qualified need.

Baylor School is an Equal Opportunity Employer. It does not discriminate on any prohibited basis such as race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or status as a veteran.
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